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I am Canadian and I have travelled with my sons without their father present. You have to have a passport going in and out of the States now whether a child or not. Also I had to have a signed letter in a speific format on hand saying I was allowed to travel with them (still married- no custody issues). The only time I was ever asked to present this letter was to get back into Canada and I am a Canadian citizen. I was asked every single time I came into country, although...
I am United Church of Canada/Anglican. The prayer we have taught our children is one I learned as a young child.   Our hands we fold, Our heads we bow, For food and drink we thank thee now. In Jesus's name we ask it.   Amen  
In Ottawa, alternative refers to a independent, student centred learning. The students are self directed more while learning and parents play a big role. There has been discussion about whether to keep the alternative schools since "mainstream" classrooms are implementing the same techniques now. Alternative is safe for the moment. Behaviour problems are not really there due to the nature of the school environment.
First Avenue is a great school. As Kathymuggle says the catchement area is only the Glebe- you are not near the downtown although I know teachers in those schools and they are great!
I pumped also. My preps were right after lunch so I would pump before school, during my prep, and at the end of the day. I pumped in the bathroom at first and with my second DS I pumped in my classroom. It worked but I would suggest that you warn collegues though since I had one let a student in to grab something while I was pumping.
My oldest DS is in FI in Ottawa. What school? I would not worry about it really. Every school is different and what they don't tell you is that you can actually put your child in at Grade 1. Unless he is going to a totally French immersion school they still use a lot of English in Kindy. My DS1 is in Grade 1 and that is the year that they really do everything in French. I would put him in.
I could post this exactly. My DH works overseas though but the eating of the SAD has stuck. Now my DH does prepare nice healthy food but also eats alot of boxed/processed stuff. In fact my DS who is 6 refuses to eat the multigrain bread that I bought (I know) and asked for white Wonder bread today. Sigh. Looking for ideas.
Thanks for all the replies. Laohire- On reflection I would agree I don't think we are on the same page. If you ask him though I am the one spending all the time- not him. Most of the debt is his or taken on to deal with stuff for him.   My husband unfortunately currently is unable to hold off on his wants long enough to clear up the debts. He feels he deserves them and since other people are "worse off" then us then hey we should spend it. Essentially we are young...
Sigh. While DH and I are on the same page about wanting to be debt free we are not on the same page about how to do it. We have 3 years left on a consolidation loan and I told my DH I would not be taking out another one. He has now indicated that when this one is done that hey we should get another. I have indicated that I want all debts paid off and his comment is, "Everyone else is in the same boat." He doesn't get it. He thinks Dave Ramsey is a joke but this is just...
I want to speak to the OP. I know as a teacher that as soon as anyone shows up unannounced it throws the kids off. I also know that while you might not be out to get her there are parents who decide that they are going to get rid of a teacher and then work on doing it. Also you do not know what sort of pressures are put on that teacher. I have worked for principals who have been completely unreasonable- like everyone here would be up in arms over what the principal...
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