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I could write this post. DS1 is 6 and DS2 is 19 months and well DS1 says he doesn't love DS2. They physically fight most of the time- biting, hitting, pushing, hitting. Both share equally in starting the fights. DS2 also hates it when I give DS1 attention and will push his way in or push DS1 to get him away from me. I am finding it frustrating and have not effectively dealt with it. I will be watching the thread for other ideas but you are not alone.
Thanks again for the replies I had often wondered- I live in an area with a high population of Muslims but don't know any well enough to ask that sort of question.
Thanks for the reply. The only reason I differentiating between an older baby and younger is that I thought that if a woman was nursing a newborn or young baby she might not want to run the risk of altering her supply and so was more likely to refrain from fasting with a newborn. Also I thought that nursing women were exempted from fasting but didn't know if that changed when the baby was older kwim.
I hope no one minds but I am curious about something and I am hoping that Muslim mamas can answer. How do you handle fasting during Ramadan when you are nursing an older baby? I am thinking over a year. Do you still fast and make up the time later? How does fasting affect your milk supply? Do you do a modified fasting like just drinking water? Thanks,
I visited Croatia a couple of years ago. If you are planning on staying in Dubrovnik it is expensive. If you are renting a car I would suggest staying about 30 minutes away in Hercig Novi, Montenegro. It is much cheaper and very pretty. It was easy crossing the borders and a really nice drive to Dubrovnik. Also if you can't drive a standard make sure that you request an automatic since the default car rental is standard.
Once you know who the teacher is set up a time to chat. It is amazing how kids adapt. It might not be baloney that they don't know until the last minute which teacher is getting which class. Depending on how many classes there are they might not know until the last minute. I don't have a class list yet because so many changes happen over the summer. Numbers can change and classes need to be shuffled before school even begins which can mean that teachers change what grade...
My older DS just finished half day kindy. The program has all the academics of the "regular" school. The students do math, language, science, social studies, art, gym and for my DS it was all in French. I know that our curriculum documents are on line- are yours so that you can look at the kindergarten curriculum? The full day that they are starting this year looks like it will still be a half day of kindergarten and a half day of daycare/preschool.
Everyone has had great ideas so far. I used just a pack n play or play yard with my DS2 instead of a crib. I noticed that you said you were getting one so that might help. Also I know that our church frequently has a notice of things that are needed for families which can be dropped off there and delivered. Call around and see if churches in your area do that.
Sure do and I love it. Mine also steams veggies and stuff which I find great. I have had mine for 10 years now and when it dies I will be getting another right away.
We used the Disney shuttles last year when DS2 was 4 months. I had no problem with holding him on the ride and it felt very safe. He slept most of the way.
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