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That is very frowned upon in the Ontario school system. The government has made it clear that racist comments are not to be tolerated. The new Safe Schools bill that was introduced in February was very clear. Also anti-racism teaching is being built into the curriculum and teachers are expected to create a caring and safe school. If needed I would go to the superintendant of your son's school and let him or her know that there is a problem and it was handled poorly the...
I think it would be wonderful opportunity especially since the job opportunities are not great with the board here even for contract teachers. Are you mentally ready to move in July? Does your DP want to start teaching right away? Are you able to get leave on short notice?
We are on BS2! DH doesn't really think we need one- he wants to just pay down debts but I am looking at all the things that need to be done in the house and I feel better. DH doesn't want to follow Dave so we are not being gazelle but I think I can slowly work on him. It feels so good to be on BS2!
Well we need to get out of debt even more. DH just found out that his contract is not being renewed as of now and we do not have his income anymore. I have promised myself not to panic. I am almost completed our EF which I am funding through the child care benefit. Unfortunately with just my salary we will not have enough money to cover all of the debts so we are prioritizing. The ones which will be left behind are student loans not more important things. I have a...
Have you looked into the public school board's gifted program? I know that our board has several classes. Also how are you defining that the school is not good? EQAO results? I wouldn't base a decision on EQAO results (if that is what you are doing). I have found that some of the best teachers usually end up at the not so best schools. Not saying that other schools get bad teachers.
Some of the elementary schools have a Parent and Family Literacy Centres attached. They are free (you do not have to have a child attending there) and kids get a variety of activities and snacks provided.
My DS who is 5 does this every so often. I find that it coincides with a major growth spurt on his part- like his bladder did not keep up with him. It only lasts a couple of days and then everything seems fine afterwards. Has he grown lately?
Wow! I hope it ends soon for me. Last weekend we fished out a bunch of Lego pieces he was storing in his mouth. His older brother is tired of not being able to play where he wants and leave his Lego world set up.
My oldest DS is in French Immersion SK in Ontario right now. I have not noticed any frustration with him- he enjoys it. The one thing that I do notice is that his English reading skills have taken a step backwards since he is not receiving any English language instruction but we are working on that at thome. My DH and I do not speak French either but it is not a hinderance. One thing I did with my DS is let him play on the website of TFO with Bisou. He started to...
In Ontario students in public school just have to sign a waiver if they are not vaxing. I am a teacher and no one has asked about my vax status nor H1N1. There has been no pressure to vax myself or my children. My dr's office keeps asking if we are vaxing but there is no real pressure to do it.
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