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Congrats on your new baby! :)
I'm due at the end of August too! CONGRATS and happy and healthy 9 months to you!!!
Thanks, Almi! :)
LOL   WaitingForKiddos~ I've heard of him and seen him on More Business of Being Born, he does sound like an awesome OB. Good for him standing up for what he believes is best! Happy homebirth wishes to you! :)    
Wow, that's a shame.. I guess I would be in for a bewildered OB if I asked to be checked with a fetoscope instead of a doppler. :P      
Hi. :) Thank you for the welcome and I'll absolutely post my birth story when the time comes!
There are some women that I know I will be able to share with, since they've had UCs. To the rest who ask, I had the baby at home before I could make it to the hospital. :)
Hi! I just joined up and posted a couple of times, but I wanted to introduce myself here.   I'm a mom of three and DH and I are trying for #4. My older two were vaginal births, my youngest a c-section. After two not so great, and one truly awful hospital experience, I really want to give birth at home if I'm fortunate enough to have another baby. I've talked most of the midwives in my area, and I've only found one that I truly connected and felt safe with. She moved...
We're TTC baby #4 and hospital experiences haven't been great, the last being the absolute worst as far as care/treatment. I feel really grateful that DH is fully on board for a homebirth. Only $3000-$6000 is way out of our price range, even with a payment plan, I can't imagine being able to pay it off in a reasonable amount of time for myself or the midwife. The last thing I want is that stress hanging over my head during pregnancy, so we're preparing for a UBAC.
*hugs* I'm so sorry about your experience. I'm sorry I don't have advice either but you aren't alone. I too, sent letters to the state about the OB and the nurse attending me. Apparently, the state didn't see any wrong doing by either of them and my case was closed. As far as ICAN, I've been part of my chapter for 4 years now, that's a real shame they aren't truly listening to you. Even though no one there has the same scar as I do or had to deal with a physically...
New Posts  All Forums: