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The most recent research only indicates an increased risk above five cups of coffee a day.  I'm being super paranoid thanks to my previous loss and some spotting, so I've dropped it to a cup of black or green tea in the morning.  Some days though you just need a cup of coffee.  If I'm writing or have a deadline, I'll have a cup.  There's really no evidence it's harmful at all in small quantities. 
Willsmom, I'm so sorry.  Sending peace and light your way.  
NSMomtobe, since I've only had one loss, they basically just assume that was a fluke and won't do anything differently except an early ultrasound.  After the bleeding I've cut out almost all caffeine and have been taking a high quality prenatal and fish oil since my loss in December, but that's about it.  I just don't know what to do.  The nurse said I could keep exercising, but I wanted to make sure the bleeding was totally stopped before I did anything.  It's so hard not...
Well, I had some bright red spotting two nights ago that changed to dark red and now to brown.  It's almost entirely stopped except for brownish CM.  I spent the night before last sobbing hysterically and convinced we'd lost the baby.  Now I just don't know what to think.  I had a subchorionic hematoma with my daughter that was just reabsorbed and never bled, but my u/s tech told me I might bleed, so I'm desperately hoping it's that.  If we make it to 7 weeks I'm...
I limit these things most of the time anyway, though I'm more careful when I'm pregnant.  The main switch I'm making is switching to loose leaf tea, since I read something that was probably just scare tactics about the chemicals in the tea bags.  It's probably total paranoia, but I drink a lot of tea and I'd rather limit exposure to something I drink multiple times a day.    I use Jason shampoo and conditioner and homemade lotion (whipped shea and coconut oil) and...
I'm a professor by day.  I'm doing a ton of traveling and writing this spring, though I'm hoping to seriously reduce my commitments for next year to spend time with the baby.    As far as hobbies go, I just started getting into quilting, so my next big project after the 13 week ultrasound will be a little rainbow quilt for this babe.     My husband and I are also interested in gardening and small scale homesteading.  We're buying a house in a month or two and we hope...
Chapsie and MountainMama, totally.  In our case the baby stopped growing around 6 or 7 weeks, so I was sitting there thinking about and hoping for a baby who had been dead for over a month.  It just f-ing sucked.  Worst thing I've ever been through, hands down. 
I always think of cramping as a good thing -- that the little bean is really digging in there!  I didn't have any cramping with my loss, so it's not a symptom I associate with anything bad.  I had a TON of implantation cramping at 8-10dpo and now it's on and off but pretty subtle.  I know it can be worrisome, but I would try to relax and just envision the little one digging on in there to make a nice nest.  :)
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