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@literaryfoodie,  A few midwives have told me that the recommendations on tea are pretty much useless.  Hibiscus, for example, is on the "do not drink" list, but you'd have to eat like a pound of the herb for it to have any effect.  Long story short, drink the tea you like.  Green tea does interfere with folic acid absorption, so don't take it with your prenatal, but you can still drink it the rest of the day.  I went crazy my first pregnancy avoiding everything and it...
And taking the older kids out somewhere that they can burn off energy and where she doesn't have to hear them would, I'm sure, be really nice too.
Congrats!  I have an irrational desire for twins that I know rationally doesn't make any sense.  But it's so exciting to have two little beans in there!
Blech.  First real day of morning sickness yesterday.  Ate all morning to keep it at bay and just felt gross.  I LOVE tuna melts when pregnant.  With banana peppers.  I love them when I'm not pregnant too, but it rises to the level of mania when I'm pregnant.  Trying to limit mercury exposure obviously means I can't eat it every day.  But I would if I could.
My daughter is only 15 months and just learned the word "baby" so we'll just be introducing the concept to her gently over the next 8 months.  My mom is getting her a real baby doll for Christmas, which I think will be cute and help her conceptualize what's happening, though I know she won't really get it until the baby is here, and probably not even then. 
I commented on your other post, but because I'm a July DDCer too I'll just repeat that the blood test alone should be enough to indicate the need for an ultrasound.  In the absence of other risk factors I would just firmly turn down routine care that you don't deem necessary.  If you doctor resists, you might want to look around for a new doctor, though I know you're options are probably limited where you are.
@Witch womb-one HcG levels can be unnaturally high in an ectopic, so super dark lines don't point in one direction or another.  But again, that would be picked up on the bloodtest, so the ultrasound isn't necessary except to confirm in light of other risk factors.  Good luck!
Do you have any risk factors for an ectopic?  If not, I didn't have any ultrasounds until 9 weeks when I was first pregnant, and that one was not necessary -- it was just a dating ultrasound.  It's very common for women not to get ultrasounds at all until 20 weeks.  I guess I would say that if she has some reason to suspect an ectopic it's incredibly important to go along with the ultrasound for your health and fertility.  But if it's just a routine thing and you have no...
Do you have a family history of twinning?  It's hard to know what the chances are, though an early BFP like that could be a sign. 
Coconut oil is actually recommended by the national eczema group.  I would give it a try.  It seems to cure everything else.  :)
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