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LOL, I'm SURE I get enough fat. I have a chocolate problem, not to mention I have plenty of reserves. I was pumping after with the rental pump. I really really really hate pumping. My older child in involved in a lot of stuff so it's hard for me to pump when I'm not at work. I wish there was a magic pill or something. 
I'm not sure what to do. I need some help I only have 7 oz left in my freezer and DS screamed at the breast like all day. So here's the deal. I work part time and besides a bout of thrush at the beginning everything has been fine. I had a hunch DS wasn't gaining any weight which was confirmed at his 6th month visit. 1 oz in 2 months :-/ I just feel like around 4 4.5 months my supply just falls off. It did the same thing with DD but I thought it was because I was working...
We just joined a homeschool group that will meet 2-3 times per week. It was REALLY hard to find so maybe you do have some in your area. Or you could always start your own. I doesn't have to be anything formal, maybe just meeting a local playground.  The other thing you can look into is extracurriculars. Dance, soccer etc. That should be plenty for them.
My daughter will be 5 in November. While she wouldn't be going to K this year if I were sending her to public school, she is ready in every capacity. She pushes us to do "school" and she soaks it all up! So we are starting an official curriculum for two reasons: First, she LOVES doing worksheets and sitting down to do school. Second, my husband and I value academics. We feel if we start now while very eager than we are setting her up for success later on in...
Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!! I seriously was so frustrated when I made this post. I have since found a great homeschool group and we went on a "Not back to school picnic" and DD is IN LOVE. She is all for staying home now. There are a lot of girls starting kinder in this group too. I now have a great new excitement for this coming school year and officially homeschooling!   You all provided the swift kick in the @$$ I needed. LOL
Check out ICAN. http://www.ican-online.org/recovery/home   Try to get to some groups near you or at very least get involved online. It's not an easy thing to get over. I still have trouble with mine and it is rapidly approaching 5 years ago.    Hang in there. 
No, we can't move. Though I had honestly considered using my MIL addy and taking DD to school in howard co. The whole school system here is very confusing. I grew up in northern VA and could tell you a lot about all the schools and systems there, it just seems so different here. I'd really like to meet some homeschool groups in the area and that would probably solve the whole issue all together since she only wants to go to be with other kids. Just having a hard time...
I guess that's what I'm worried about. The school we're assigned to isn't all that great from what info I can gather and we can't afford private or charter school. :-/
Aww... I feel like my little guy is behind. I guess I'm in no rush for him to grow up being my last baby and all. He rolls of course and can sit with support and a little by him self but then he falls over. LOL We just started letting him eat and he's cut 2 teeth and working on the third.  He's generally lazy so I'm not sure if he's going to be sitting up or crawling or pulling up ANY TIME soon. LOL
I think she mainly wants to go to school because she thinks it will be fun and there will a lot of kids there. I'm new to the area and haven't been able to provide her with a good social outlet. I guess that's a good idea. I called the homeschool office today. I don't know that they will send me the info since she is not of age to be in kindergarten but I guess it's worth a try. Then send in the portfolio and meet with the principal and get her tested in April.    Thanks...
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