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Parsley, you're not alone! Haha. 
Do you have to use spermicide gel with diaphragms?
Hi Ladies.    So I know there's probably not many of you that have had AF return but I was wondering what everyone is doing for birth control? I so torn on this whole subject and DH is d-r-a-g-i-n-g his feet on the big V. So it looks like it's on me. :(   Why does it seem like there is no good option?! I guess because it's unnatural to try and control such a thing.    Sigh...  The break down... Condoms... nuisance  Hormonal (the shot, implant, IUD,...
Gah! I got my cycle back at 8 weeks PP and I started temping again as we very much are avoiding right now. I'm SUPER regular back to my old cycle but I'm NOT getting the temp shifts. So I don't know what to do or say but I'd have to agree that EBF makes it harder so we are just using a barrier instead.   DS is 4 months now.  It's worth a shot. When I was TTC, I was working night and my sleep schedule was wacked out. If you're getting at least 3 hours in a row you...
Wish I had something new to contribute but I side lie nurse in my bed or put him to sleep before he's a sleep but content. We have white noise EVERYWHERE in the house b/c of air filters or window units so that helps. This combination leads to usually an 45 min -1 hour nap in the am and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.    I wish he'd sleep when there is noise but before I started putting him down in the quiet he was taking lots of 30 min naps. So now he sleeps, but we...
I think it's important to follow your instinct and do what feels right because more times than not that is hats right for your family and your child!
I thought it would be fun to have a meet up today in Towson. We are going to the playground by Kenilworth Shops at 10 if anyone wants to join! :)
Oh also, I felt with dd I missed out on some of the breastfeeding relationship by starting solids so early so part of the reason I want to wait is to challenge myself to not going the easy route of solids and EBF for the full 6 months.  I don't know, is that stupid?
We plan to do baby let solids. So I've offered Bryce some things but he doesn't know really what to do with it yet. He watches us eat but doesn't open his mouth for a spoon.  I plan on starting with avocado too but cut in slices. Bell peppers, mangoes and other things of that nature. I don't plan to puree anything and for this reason and the chocking hazard it presents we are waiting till 6 ish months. (Choking is why I think a lot of people wait so long, in addition...
Little man's 3 month photo. a rare stroller pic And lastly, Boxing baby.
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