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$15ppd or trad for BG 4.0 in gender netural or boish APLIX only.     
If you're willing to drive have you considered  VA midwives. It's actually legal there and I know there are some in Norther VA.
Weird, I guess it's too late?  
Well, the big day came and went and I'm SOO happy to report that my pedi said to me "If you have any doubts about vaccinations, just wait. There is no need to stress out over it." She even informed me about the religious waiver in our state so the kids could go to school when the time comes. So baby boy didn't get any vax this time around. I am, however, still considering the DTaP since there were several cases of whooping cough in my area last fall. Too bad you can't...
I just wanted to share this. I had a super hard time find a review on this when I was looking for newborn diapers so I made a review for it.    http://youtu.be/oigjHWL0Lvs
So we started researching Vax while I was pregnant but then life got in the way and baby boy's 2 month app is TOMORROW. I have to make a decision and I really want to know WHY I'm making a decision so I don't get pressured into anything. Does anyone have any advice or know where to start? All this info on vax is very overwhelming.    He doesn't go to daycare and is EBF so I'm half tempted to just say, I haven't done enough research to make an informed decision about...
I have to second Dr. Morgan-cooper! She ha been great so far. And worth the drive from parkville.
I have read this post over and over. I come back nearly everyday and the words escape me and my heart is just breaking for you. :( I know the words I'm sorry do nothing to ease your pain.  I pray and hope and beg that whoever or whatever you believe in is sending you strength and courage and very quick healing. I wish I were closer to you and I would just take you in my arms and pray it could take this pain away.  Stay strong Mama, If you need anything, a virtual...
Hi ladies! I could really use your help. I'm auditioning for The Cloth Diaper Channel and I would love you forever if you took a look at my video and voted for me if you like it. Thank you Thank you Thank you In Advance.  
Here's my suggestion to the VBAC moms. I just delivered at St. Josphs and it was all things considered (VBAC and GBS +) a really good experience. They don't have tubs but you can't labor in tubs anyway.    Stay home as long as humanly possible!  Have a very detailed birth plan, I'll pm you mine if you'd like. Hire a doula.    While I didn't get the birth I truly wanted, it was as best as it could be.
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