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I just uploaded my update video. I'm doing about the same as you are Parsley. Hang in there, it'll come off just gotta keep at it.
Well... I started bleeding after not bleeding for 4 weeks. It lasted 2 days and now nothing. I've been trying to chart to see what's going on but it's so hard to say. Dr said only time will tell if it was a period or not. With my daughter I got mine right at 6 weeks also.    It could be just from your pap, or, right around this time where the umbilical cord was attached in your uterus heals and can cause bleeding.    I guess as my dr said... Only time will tell....
It's hard to say, if you did it would be a lot of hard work out the window. Let me ask you, do your bad days with her follow a day where she comfort nurses a lot? If so, I would probably say it's a let down issue. You could also hand express or pump for a few min before you nurse to see if that takes the edge off and keeps her from gulping.    Honestly, it's sounds more like she's taking in air if she's gulping. The only thing that confuses me is her crying during a...
I know it's a pain in the butt b/c you can't multi-taks but try nursing reclined and /or laying down tummy to tummy with her. I think that might help a lot. Be sure to give your breast a good massage after to prevent clogged ducts.
I have the oversupply issues too. DS only ever takes one side per feeding. Have you experimented with nursing up hill? It helps with the gulping.   What all have you introduced back on the dr sears diet. (hint, watch the soy, it's in EVERYTHING) Dh is sensitive to soy and sometimes it's a chore to find soy free food.   Also is she arching at all or just crying?    
Generally speaking, you produce less natural lube when you are breastfeeding so it's a good idea to add some extra.
Geez, and to think I thought I was having a rough go of nursing with thrush and reflux.    Sounds weird but take her diaper off and curl her legs up to her tummy it she toots, it could just be gas. Which may or may not be the diary. Remember their little digestive systems are still immature. If it is the case, if you're not opposed to it, some gripe water could help get you some sleep.   What's the update for today?
First off, I'm jealous... LOL I'm almost 7 weeks out and still healing a tear. I just had this conversation with my dr. She said everything has lost tone and it's normal. Kegals and exercise will help everything feel normal again.    If your breastfeeding make sure your using some KY or something. And tell DH to be gentle. LOL Good luck HTH.
I'm going to be vlogging my experience if anyone wants to follow along.  http://www.youtube.com/user/MamaLaLaX2/videos
YAY! for happy babies!
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