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1/2 of your feedings... that's not really a lot sounds pretty normal as long as it's not like 2 oz of spit up. Maybe a swaddle suit thing that velcros would be better b/c they can't get out of those things? LOTS OF BURPING!!!! People say you don't have to burp a breastfed baby but you do!!!! Especially if the latch and detach and latch and detach and make a lot of noise while feeding b/c it generally means they are swallowing a lot of air. I couldn't imagine it's "gas"...
You poor thing! Yes, when we started swaddling DS at night(I don't swaddle him during the day so he'll startle awake more often) we went from 3-4 hour stretches to one 5-6 hour stretch and one 4 hour stretch! I think swaddling is a from of torture but he seems to LOVE it... LOL   Just wondering, do you co-sleep or twilight nurse? It's been really helpful for me then he can basically comfort nurse at his leisure and hear my heart beat and be close and he sleeps...
sounds like you have a cosleeper... arms reach perhapse? I woudn't bother attaching it to the bed, he can't roll just yet and even if he could the rail is still high enough that he wouldn't roll out. Just move it next to the bed, that's how I have mine. Unless you're super worried he will roll in his sleep.  
A few questions... Is he arching his back with all the crazy arm and leg movement? Does he take a binky? Where does he sleep during the day? Does he spit up a lot during the day as well? Do you twilight nurse or get up and hold him?     A few things it may be, days and nights mixed up, reflux, or maybe he just wants to comfort nurse.        
I think DH said ours was at 12,000 for a vaginal birth with epi and treatment for GBS and I was there Saturday night through Monday night. Only 24 hours exactly postpartum. They charged us room AND board for 3 days, 2 of which I was not allowed to eat!!!!!!! They also charged for room and board for baby.. I was like ummmmm, he didn't take up an extra room, I didn't send him to the nursery and he sure didn't eat anything provided by the hospital. It's just nuts. Robbery!
@Treerose... I would if I were you. I need my sleep and with a 4 year old, there's no naps for me. 
I'm now 18 days in and I'm still in soooooooo much pain. It's not thrush and I don't think it's a bad latch. I don't know what's going on or how much more I can take. I'm toying with pumping and bottle feeding but if this is just my nipples breaking in, I fear a break will make things worse. My nipples are SO red and chapped and hurt even when I'm not nursing. I've tried lanolin and cabbage and neither have helped. HELP! I didn't have ANY of this with DD. 
As long as he's gaining weight I say let him sleep and try to get your sleep in too! 10 days is not unheard of for a baby to sleep through the night. Feel blessed! If he's NOT gaining weight... then I'd say you should still be waking him up.   My son, 2.5 weeks old, has been sleeping 4 hour stretches since he was about a week. HTH
I know I'm still having some issues with my bladder and I believe that can cause a prolapse. I would call your Dr. but in the mean time, make sure you keep your bladder empty and keep doing kegles!
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