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    Husbands too! At least mine!
Oh no, sorry to hear about all of the challenges, and especially about the job loss right before your babe is born 
here is a great link:  http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2009/08/scriptural-encouragement-for-preparing-giving-birth.html    
I take Motherwort as needed as well. I take this tincture for anxiety. I generally stick to Susan Weed's advice, as well as my midwives.  The one thing to take note of is that Motherwort can be habit forming. Maybe try and break it up with some Rescue Remedy?
    Totally agree. I hate being messed with too.  Woohoo for birth kits!!!
Yes Birthing From Within. Great for understanding that the pain or sensations of childbirth have a purpose. I truly feel so lucky to have found that book before my birth. 
I'm here  A stay at home wife/mama for two years now. Boy, have we had a our financial challenges. In fact, we just got our cars renewal form and although it is still cruddy to shell over that 200 bucks, it won't break us as it has in the past.  I have quite a few friends who think I live a life of luxury, & most respond similarly with "well if I had the money, I would stay at home too". I actually don't like when it is trivialized in such a way. We choose to not...
I have certain days that I do things. Tuesday is wash day. We rarely leave the house on Tuesday and I catch up on all the laundry. We plan to stay in, and I have been able to stick to my goals of having everything washed and put away.   Great thread!
How is everyone doing? Anyone doing much to prepare for your out of hospital birth?   I am wondering what I will do with my 2 year old at the time, but not stressing. I really want her to be present, but I am not sure I want dh distracted with her. I suppose this is why you ask a friend to come over & watch. Or maybe it will just happen during resting hours.    This pregnancy is flying by!    hello to you all!
No, breast milk passes white blood cells. The ones that fight off diseases. It doesn't matter if mom is fully vaxed or not, the immune support comes from the living cells she passes to baby thru milk.  http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/breastfeeding/why-breast-best/how-human-milk-protects-babies-illness   Does breast milk take the place of vaccinating? No. But that is for you to decide whether or not you want to inject foreign substances into your baby, because of...
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