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Yay! Huge Congrats! 1 hour!!! Awesome mama!!! 
Lisa! Thank you so much for the encouraging and kind response. And congrats on the homebirths! I love to hear about good experiences!   Yes, have definitely been a recipient of biased opinions about my health during pregnancy. It is harsh and can really pull you down, perhaps what could be grinding in my mind about how "healthy" I really am.    Thanks again, that was an awesome pep talk!    
  Name: James If pregnant, EDD: August  17th Size and/or weight 16/18 Other children? Yes, toddler baby    Hello everyone!  Hmm, I am here, because I am preggo, again. And I struggle with being overweight, technically morbidly obese if a doctor had a say. (But I say...REAAALLLYYY????)  Throughout my life, I have had so many folks chime in about my body. At one point I was small(ish) and bulemic. Everyone was so proud.  (Like 10 years ago) When I met DH in...
Hi mamas, I have scheduled a hb for this next babe. My first labor had its downsides, but most of them were due to poor hospital care. Which is why I really want to be at home with this one. For some reason I can't shake off the idea that I might have more problems at home because I am heavier. In fact I am afraid something traumatic will happen because of my size. How do you know you are healthy enough? My midwives haven't even mentioned my weight, nor have I spoke...
"Are you sure there is not two in there?" " I wonder why you are so tired???"  "By 20 weeks, I was feeling fantastic" (Thanks, a lot) "I can't believe you are pregnant again"   What the heck!! I am exhausted because I chase around a toddler, not because there is something going wrong.    (as an aside, thanks for the thread, I clearly needed to get that off my chest)
Can I update my dd to the 17th & not finding out gender.
Aw, Rebecca a girl! Lots of girls in our Ddc, makes me wonder who is in my uterus. N I agree about how our emotions can trick us sometimes. I really wanted a boy with my first and found myself weeping after the ultrasound, revealing girl. I have to wrap my mind around the new idea of not finding out since we don't do an ultrasound at 20 weeks with the midwives. I am hoping the thrill of birth and a healthy baby will be more important then gender, because that would be...
Boots, normal for me at least. Barely feel baby at all yet, although I know he/she is there because of the occasional flutter or cervix punch (fun!). Or after I cheat and eat some ice cream
Hi, yes, Gentle Christian Mothers.   Thank you for the kind words. I am sorry about the SS situation. Best of luck deciding whether to stay or go.   Wow, 9 am service, that would be so hard for me to get to with all family in tow.
Xanadu! That's so sweet.   
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