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I am currently working (well trying to), at home. And i have a 15,6 and3 year old. I've gone back to school this year to finish my degree I'm homeschooling my kindergartner and my husband works out of town or long hours all the time. I don't have any family close by so, so as my due date gets closer i just keep wondering how am i gonna do it all? Keep the peace and keep my sanity.  
Wow! It's awesome there are so many woman with lots of kids! and now I feel like a giant baby wondering how I'm gonna manage 4th at 35.   I'd love any tips or advice on how you ladies don't pull out your hair or how you deal with working careers and homeschooling. My biggest worry is how I'm gonna do it all.
WOW! and I thought I was the only one that toothbrush issue happened to. I never wanted to tell anyone and it happens every time I'm PG. I have noticed with this one more than the other ones that random gagging seems to happen often. I think sometimes it's still the smell of something that gets me initially but other times it's just like .... I'm fine then BAM! gag for 5 minutes then it's over. I work really hard to take care of my teeth so the brushing thing makes me...
I'm just about at 20 weeks and up till this week I felt fine. All of a sudden it seems that I as well can't ignore my changing shape. This is my 4th and i feel like it should be less difficult but already i wish my other little ones didn't leave a thing on the floor for me to pick up. I've also noticed that my balance seems way off, esp. when I'm walking down the stairs. and I'm not that big yet. I feel like since I started this one a bit overweight it's contributing to...
Thanks for the replies :) It seems like in today's day and age plus bad economy people just never seem to think kids are a good thing. I love my little ones and I want so much to skip over the stressful feelings of sleepless nights, one more car seat and diaper bag and being able to meet all the needs of the house. I wanna be excited but there just keeps feeling that lingering ... when will I get to be an adult again.  I'm also considering trying some new things this...
I really really was hoping to avoid maternity pants as well this time around. I'm 19 weeks now and I've only moved up a regular pant size but this week i noticed i don't think that will last much longer. I have really found a lot of luck with Gap maternity jeans. they don't sag on my butt or seem too light on my legs. They have also lasted a good long time. Well worth the 50 bucks you spend in my opinion.  
Hi I'm 35 and due with baby number 4 in July. I have a 15 year old DD and a 6 and 3 year old DS. This little one was sooooooo unexpected that even now i can't seem to get over the slight shock of it. I feel so tired, stressed and unprepared this time around. My kids are excited but the thought of a new baby makes me feel more tired than I already am. I saw this DDC and figured I see if there were other moms out there for support and great ideas.
I have 3 beautiful children my youngest is 3. I've been pretty excited about the being done with diapers forever deal and then... about 5 days before my period was due, and my 35 birthday, I started wanting to throw up at every smell and my chest hurt so much i gave up taking my bra off. i took a regular PG test and it instantly came out positive to my total surprise. Took another at the day my period should have shown up and still positive. That was the very beginning...
I'm due July 23
Looking for a new midwife. I've previously had 3 HB and I loved loved loved the midwife I had. Sadly she has retired and I am in search of a new one in the central new york area, as I recently found out that I am expecting unexpectedly. I know with the awesome laws NY has finding a great one can be a process. Any help would be great!
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