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Just popping in from lurking   Milk: I'm really rooting for you. Although my situation is and was nowhere near yours I had the same diagnosis early in my pregnancy. Blighted ovum! Then I got deathly ill, did a repeat ultrasound, but transvaginal this time, and here I am 26w 4d pregnant. So praying really really heard that this is your miracle rainbow baby.   Still praying really hard for all of you much deserving ladies on hear. Forever stalking!
 Another stalker busted! I decided to stop posting and just lurked as I felt like I was being unfair to you ladies and really didn't belong on this thread just yet. I had no confirmed infertility issues nor was I trying for long. I just had a fear of having infertility issues becasue of my Grave's Disease. So I decided to lurk for a year first.   Turns out I was right as I am currently 21wks 3 dys along, still with Grave's Disease, but doing fine. But I continue to...
Congratulations! Hoping for sticky little peanut for you
That is a very strong positive. FF obviously was not sure when u ovulated so u cld have ovulated earlier.
So sorry to hear that Chica, we were all rooting so hard for you   I was chart stalking you, hoping to see a BFP soon so that I could do a happy dance for you.
Hoping for the best for you too Chica...come on BFP!
Chica do you have any early pregnancy symptoms to support your chart because it's plain to everyone that your chart says BFP!
Does anyone here ever get lower abdominal spasms?...I get them from time to time and was wondering what that is about because they are so darn annoying!. Can't seem to find answers on google.
Your chart looks absolutely perfect Chica...I'm really hoping you get a BFP very very soon. It's about time I see some more good news especially for those who have been here a lot longer. You guys deserve your day! (or 9 month buns)
Hi guys thanks for the advice on the BBT.   SO AF is moving really strange for the first time in my life. Apart from having dizziness and nausea over the past few days which I don't ever get btw (I usually have no symptoms except sore boobs) I have a light to medium flow on CD5. I usually just spot! The first half of the day I had spotting which is typical for me and usually signals the end of AF and made me happy... but around midday it got heavier...which makes me...
New Posts  All Forums: