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I am still waiting for the sweet arrival.  Was due on the 9th, coming up on 42 weeks.  Trying to stay calm and focused.  I have been 4 cm dilated for some time. 
I am with you.  'Roids are a problem with me, too.  I don't, unfortunately, have any good suggestions.
  Fruitful: I also lost my last baby, who was full term, and I can understand what you mean. 
I am embarrassed, really.   A couple weeks ago my fetus "dropped" or "lightened" and during the past three days I have felt a staunch grinding (that last sometimes for two hours!) on my cervix as my sweet fetus paws, clamors, and breakdances with his head on my poor, sore opening. I wrote this blog because I honestly felt like I am going to go into labor AT ANY SECOND!   (My due date is kind of unknown.  I am anywhere between 35-40 weeks, probably 37.  Maybe 35. ...
Hi!  During my last midwife appointment the same situation arose, so I figured I would chime in to your post.   If you have any reservations or second thoughts about having a child present then absolutely be proactive about making your opinion known.  Your birth space is yours and should be as comfortable as possible.   For me, I don't think that I will mind having a child present.  In fact, I think it might be helpful.  I figure if it gets irritating I will just...
I just read about PUPPP today.  Sorry to hear about your difficulties! 
I saw your pic!    While I don't have any surefire recommendations besides putting your feet up and relaxing, I am sending you positive vibes!
Anyone else have any maternity portraits they would like to share?  My best friend did a series for me.  I am 33 (almost 34) weeks.  
  I'm with you ms.shell.  I also down a few glasses of raw milk per day. 
Thanks for the helpful feedback, ladies!  We are still exploring our options, but it looks like we're going to settle in with an ND as our primary care physician. 
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