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I already sent out invitations to my baby shower -- and I actually had them ready about two months into my pregnancy.  I did my registry before we even conceived!    But we have a lot of restrictions about what kind of materials we will accept.  I don't any qualms about telling people that I will send back their gifts if they do not meet our criteria.    We are also having a co-ed celebration.  A celebration, and not a "shower."    We'll see how it goes! ...
I love canning...so great to see everyone's passion!  Growing our tomatoes this year!
Here is a sense of my "fat face" progression so far:     First picture is right before I got preggers.  Second picture is at 20 weeks.  It's crazy!   Hoping to triple my face size again in the next 20 weeks!
What a great little article!  I didn't think that the initial comment about abortion was relevant or necessary, or useful.  But, I did enjoy reading about the fetal developments.  Thanks for sharing!
I hear you.  I also deleted my Facebook account because I felt like people in my virtual community were so different from me in my philosophy that I just didn't want the headache of having to explain my stance where there is plenty of material out there for any parent who is interested in gaining information about complex issues like vaccination.  Instead, I just blog about it and most people don't go out of their way to read what I write, which is great.  You're not...
I find myself comparing my bump to everyone else's bump, like: "OH!  Mine looks like that!," or "that bumps is so much cuter than mine!"    I love this!
Had my third appointment with my midwife today -- Valentine's Day.  Last month she could hear the fetus's heart beat with a stethoscope but I couldn't make it out  (I am refusing doppler).  But today, I actually heard it.  It was amazing!  She told me she "would shit a brick if my baby came out without a penis attached."  His heartrate was a solid 120.  And a very strong beat.  This makes me glad, since my first baby died of heart disease.    Measuring at 20 weeks: a...
I am just starting gardening this spring.  This is wonderful.  Thank you!
New Posts  All Forums: