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These are startling and insightful!   I haven't nursed before but I am looking forward to nursing with my first child once s/he is born.  I plan on nursing for 2 years, or when the child weans naturally.  Some of these comments are enlightening.  Wow.  Thanks for sharing! 
Feeling unsafe has got to be one of the worst feelings for anyone, but especially a pregnant woman.  I moved across the country, too, from Seattle to rural VT.  I feel safe here.  And I feel like I would pick up and leave any place that I didn't feel safe -- maybe that is wishful thinking...easier said than done.  But, regardless of whether you're in Jersey or not, you ought to find ways of reassuring yourself that your environment is nurturing.  If it isn't nurturing on...
The link you offered was very informative and inspirational.  Thanks!
When it comes to childbirth,  no one can predict how it's going to go.  You did the best that you could and you should be proud of your experience -- seriously!  What we do is not easy -- none of it -- and each birth is special and unique. 
Testing is a such a personal choice, and I can understand why many women want to have all kinds of tests done.    For my part, I have refused all tests and even all sonogramming (even doppler!).  We are really dedicated to keeping this pregnancy free of as much outside intervention as possible because our goal is to foster the growth of the fetus uninterrupted.  I never had a discussion about this with my midwife because when I interviewed her I wanted to be sure...
Two days ago I woke up to a very dark linea negra.  Pics to come!  It's very exciting!
My midwife said that if lying on your back becomes a problem, that you will definitely know because you will experience lightheadness that can't be denied.   But, even still, I get nervous about it.  Like, yesterday I was on my back doing chest press and I got nervous so I flipped over and decided to never do chest press again but to do pushups instead.  Paranoia is the killer!
Has anyone experienced the "mask of pregnancy?"  It seems that I am attacked by fat face, but that the "mask" has left me alone.    Every single day, I am excited to see these changes!  What an exciting time!
Glad you're here!  Welcome, and best of luck to you!
I am obsessing about the horrible toxicity of most baby products, including car seats.  I have a few great seats picked out, but I had to do a lot of research in order to locate the seats that are least toxic.  I like this blog. 
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