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I had my first in a big hospital, ob, epi, etc, second naturally in a small hospital with a midwife, and third at home with a midwife. I'm planning another homebirth, my experience was amazing!
I've been craving salty meat this pregnancy, strange, cause usually meat seems gross first trimester. I've put a serious dent in our 300 pounds of frozen pork from the pigs we raised last season, I made sausage meatballs the other day and ate over .5 pound of meat myself! I also ate a bouillon cube one day, I wanted salt bad!
I get tunnel vision and have to sit with my head between my knees, but I've never assed all the way out. I've understood it as a blood volume thing, your vasculature expands before your blood volume has a chance to catch up. Then you Bp gets low and dizziness results. I always seem to crave salt when the dizziness is at its worst, and 9-12 weeks are always the worst for me.
I only had acne with my daughter, my skin stayed clear with my boys. Kind of going for some pimples here cause I'd love another girl, but pretty clear so far.
I was only planning on the 20 week ultrasound but i had enough spotting and cramping during the early weeks to warrant an earlier one. We use the Doppler until the fetoscope (sp?) starts working at my monthly visits. I didn't do any blood work last time, but did have the gbs swab. Does anyone know if you've tested neg 3 times for gbs does that make it unlikely ill have it this time?
I'm very sorry.
I'm struggling too, my husband is working very long hours at our small market because it is the start of our busy season, and I'm just spent after a day with my 3 littles. I do have some help in the form of my farm apprentices, will help with the kids if I'm desperate. I'm so tired of being tired and nauseous!
I felt #2 at 11 and #3 at the tail end of the 10th week, I'm 10+2 today so I'm eagerly anticipating.
I'm doing better thanks! The spotting stopped for the most part, just a tiny streak of pink here and there. I had a couple really rugged days of nausea and dizziness but even that has lessened some the past day or two. Still taking the herbs and counting the days till second trimester!
Our three kids are Brigham (Briggs) Wayne (family name), Phoebe Violet, and Quinn Emerson. and if this baby is a girl she will be named Zinnia.  I like Hazel for her middle name, but DH and I haven't got that far.  Boy names we don't really have a good hold of at all yet, I like River, Winslow, Everett, and I did like Echo but I feel like it is a little too far out.  I like nature names.
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