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seraf can you change me from Expectant Parents to New Parents with babies? Photo of the boys today
THEY'RE HOME!!! They seem to be so much happier than in the NICU. They are behaving like newborns now that we're home. When they were in the NICU, they're patterns were more erratic. I am just in pure new baby bliss
Homecoming is setup for TUESDAY!!!! They both have the feeding tube out of their nose and can eat whenever they feel hungry. Benjamin would have been able to come home tomorrow but he had a heart rate drop "episode." He must have just wanted to give his brother a chance to catch up with him because Levi was a day behind on the feeding progress.
Dakipode - I feel ya on the baby shower pics! We were so busy getting ready with everything we completely forgot about pictures! We went all out with the theme and arranging the foods, coming up with clever names for them, arranging the tables, hanging up decorations.... only got a pic of the cake.... The whole shower was totally Pinterest worthy!
Thanks gals My milk supply is over abundant. I'm so thankful for that! The hardest part is thinking of how much time I will have left after my maternity leave. I only get 6 weeks short term disability. I can take out longer or be part time until February, but it will be unpaid/not enough income. Since I am not salaried at my company, I won't be able to work from home like we had planned I'm so worried that by the time I get them home and breastfeeding well, they will...
Hello all. Just briefly checking in. The boys are 1 week and 4 days today. Still in the NICU. They are doing fine, just needing to take all of their feedings by mouth. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. The nurses here are completely cold and total bitches. It's also difficult to balance being at home for DD (she started kindergarten yesterday, so big change for her) and being at the hospital for their feedings. Trying to breastfeed is such a production...
Yay Yelena! Congrats and happy that your birth was wonderful! My twins were born August 11 after my water broke. Story to come later
I made a new thread CookAMH? Is baby here yet?
Baby A, Benjamin Thomas Mahinay B______ Born 8/11 @ 7:21 am 3 lbs, 8 oz. Baby B, Levi Wayne Cerillo B______ Born 8/11 @ 7:34 am 4 lb, 1 oz. They are doing great! They are in the NICU, being 34 week-ers, but it just body temperature management and a little bit of antibiotics. Their breathing has completely stabilized already! They get to latch twice a day and I've been pumping for them.
I agree about natural methods to push labor along. We got the bad news from our growth scan that the boys were discordant sizes, so 36 weeks was going to be the plan and not 38. I thought we would try out sex and orgasm every other night to push things along naturally, as studies have shown that twins who come on their own have virtually no problems and twins that are induced or c-section have more. I don't know if my thinking makes sense, because if they are developed and...
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