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We are getting a winter CSA for the first time. Some of the veggies are things I don't regularly cook with and I need some suggestions. We eat everything, meat, dairy, gluten, etc. No allergies. The only thing we don't like is curry/Indian foods. I'd love any and all ideas. These are the veggies for December. Arugula, don't usually buy Kale, we use often Mushrooms (Shiitake Lion's Mane French Trumpet White Oyster Yellow Oyster Blue Oyster) have no idea about...
I have the foundations quad stroller. It is heavy, but it does the job. My kids love it also. I really wanted this stroller http://www.abcbuggy.co.nz/everest_quad_buggy.html But it is so expensive, I just couldn't justify it. It would be a ton lighter to push. Instead, I just get a workout! Oh, and it fits in the back of my Honda Odyssey just fine.
That's exactly what I was picturing! I wonder why I couldn't find it when I looked. thanks so much
I've tried several storage systems for toys in our playroom/basement. It is mostly a room for kids to play in, but it does have adult furniture and a television. We've tried labeled plastic containers, the target colored cubes that go on the shelves, and a couple other things. What seems to work the best is just having several large containers to dump stuff in. Micro-sorting everything just is not working. So what I'm looking for are bench sized or toy box sized...
This is how I usually make mine. pasta different colored peppers diced up tomato diced up cucumber diced up carrots diced feta cheese I like to dice the veggies so you get more of them in each bite. For the dressing, I either use balsamic vinegrette or I make it. If I make it this is what I use several splashes of balsamic vinegar couple tbsp lemon juice some oregano some garlic salt some pepper olive oil
Babies don't have to be expensive, but they can be some extra expenses with twins. Like double copays if you use regular drs. Our copay is $20, so each time I take the girls in, it's $40, which makes sense since they are 2 people, but you kinda forget that since it is just one physical visit. Plus you may need some of the gadgets moms of one can get away not getting. You cannot hold/sling 2 babies all day, everyday. You will lose your mind. You need a good place...
When I do puff pastry pot pie, I usually cook the pastry seperate. My pastry kept falling into my pies and not puffing nicely. So instead, I cut it into 2 inch strips and lay it out on a cookie sheet to bake. Then when the pot pie filling is finished cooking, I ladle it into shallow bowls and lay the strips on top. It looks fancy and gives me extra puffy, crunchy pastries that I like.
My family loves chicken parmesan, so I want to figure out a way to make it into a casserole. That way I could make several at a time and freeze them. I was thinking bite size chunks of chicken that I could pan fry, noodles, marinara sauce, and cheese. That parts easy. But my biggest worry is that the chicken will be all mushy and that it will be too saucy. Any ideas to make this casserole work?
Hey friend, Call me next time you are in town. I have a million preschool books and you are welcome to stop by and borrow whatever you want.
In our laundry room, we have 4 baskets. All of our laundry comes down the chute into the laundry room, so we don't have any dirty laundry storage upstairs. The downstairs laundry is taken straight into the laundry room. We have one of these http://www.containerstore.com/MEDIA/.../8656/8656.jpg without the wheels in the laundry room, with 4 levels and a basket on each level. The top holds towels/linens then darks, then lights, then whites on the bottom. ...
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