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I'm trying to decide what sort of food storage containers to get for things like flour, oats, sugar, etc. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, food grade plastic like these http://www.containerstore.com/browse...ml?CATID=74064 or big glass canning jars like these http://www.containerstore.com/browse...ml?CATID=74177 The glass is preferable of course over plastic, but I do worry a bit about breakage with 4 young children and a clumsy husband. I found wide mouth ones...
I think if you freeze it, you are supposed to do it upside down. Google it, I can't remember exactly why, but it makes it keep the right consistency or something.
You can make homemade pita bread super easy. There are tons of recipes online. Then you could have chicken in the pitas with sliced tomatoes and cucumber sauce, yum. Chicken enchiladas Chicken pot pie chicken and dumplings chicken tacos nachos with chicken on top
Do you like using the crockpot? A friend just linked my to this blog that is tons of yummy crockpot recipes and relatively healthy. The author is gluten free, but her recipes aren't complicated and substitutions are easy. http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/
This one is delicious. Even my friends whose kids have never eaten a healthy thing love it. I sub things all the time, change around the flour, change the sweeteners in and out depending on what I have in the house and it still comes out awesome. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Zucchin...ns/Detail.aspx
Hi Jen! I used some last time. I mostly used some cloth postpartum pads I had bought, but used prefolds when I ran out. Are preemie prefolds big enough and absorbant enough, or would you go with infant? Preemies can work, but I didn't think they were long enough since I was reclining often. If I was mostly sitting up, they would have been fine Did you need to put a waterproof layer behind them, like a piece of fleece? I didn't, but I pee a lot, so they got...
That looks great. I'm not a good co-sleeper, myself. So instead, I just have a twin bed in the babies room until they start sleeping thru. It lets me sleep a ton better and I can still hear every noise they make.
I have the book The Bread Bible and it has tons of great recipes. Unfortunately, I don't have it here at the apartment. But, I can't wait to get back to my house so I can bake again. I would highly recommend it. I made several really yummy french breads/baguettes from it.
For all of you who cook mainly from scratch, what is your routine? Do you bake certain things of a certain day? Do you cut all your veggies at a certain time? Do you prepare meat before hand? Do you premake mixes, like pancake mix? I am wondering how everyone manages their meal prep routines and balances that with their other responsibilities.
In the cargo area I have: 1. plastic bags that need to go in the recycling at the grocery 2. canvas bags for shopping 3. double stroller 4. 1 extra set of clothes for each child 5. safety kit for weather 6. sling and ergo Under each kids seat I have a plastic bin with: 1. wet wipes 2. tissues 3. magna doodle thing 4. small toy that each one likes 5. blanket for cold days I also put their coats in these buckets when I strap them in, then the blankets go...
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