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Next time I do several days worth of toddler diapers!!! Whoa, I almost got knocked out by the ammonia smell. I can't believe how strong it is. Am I supposed to do something different now that her diapers reek before they go into the wash? Whoa, I need some smelling salts.
I just got a Fuzbaby and I really like it. The leg gussets make it a good fit, even for my skinny toddler.
I have a Toyota Highlander. It definitely drives like a car. I've ridden in my friends Explorer and the ride is completely different. The Highlander is much smoother and car-like. Mine only has seating for 5, though. I'm not sure if they offer an extra row of seats. I get pretty good gas mileage for a non-hybrid. The trunk is a nice size for all your stuff. I would recommend it for someone looking for a SUV. I didn't know they were making it a hybrid, that's...
It is adorable and would fit dd perfect. My dh is such a stick in the mud, he hates tie-dye. I really like it, but he would die if I put her in it.
I have all those pics, I'll have to search for them. I will post them later
Dd wears a 1 still. She is 19lbs and 30 inches. And that isn't on the loose snap, more like one of the tightest ones.
ebay buy now for FM NL
I've had a custom from Kira in the past. Mine was for AIO's and she made 12 in just a few days, so don't get too discouraged. She is a fast, but awesome seamstress. I agree that her AIO's are very similar in fit to FM. But, her AIO are all one piece and are connected in the front. She only had one or two print PUL's when I ordered with her, mostly solids. She does have some cute patterned and colored fleece for inners if you want. I have several of her fitteds,...
I second taking a vitamin with magnesium or getting a supplement. My mom was having this problem last year and started taking some supplements, along with cutting out caffeine and it went away. Good Luck!
Meredith does incredible knitting. I would like to have her on retainer so she could knit just for me!
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