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I don't think life, mine or anyone else's, has a purpose.
Lazurii, I'm sorry your family is treating you this way.  I haven't cut either parent out of my life, although I've managed to create a lot of really-wonderful-for-me space between us, literally and figuratively.  I know that if I did cut out either parent I'd, in effect, lose the other as well.  I know I would lose at least one sibling, and most likely both.  I'm uncertain as to how my sister-in-law would react, which would determine my relationship with her and my...
Personally, I would only use it if using that one was my best or only option and I was able to laundry wash the all fabric parts as well as thoroughly treat the non-fabric parts. Honestly, my first choice would be to find another rocker.  Mold can be dangerous stuff, and tricky to thwart, especially if you're unwilling or unable to go chemical. On a brighter note, yay babies!  Congratulations, and very good luck!   
I don't know how cute this is, but last night, putting Little Miss down to sleep, the down to sleep part didn't happen.  But I had a few things to finish up, so she got stuck with smelly old Papa for almost an hour while I finished my baking and showered and changed for bed.  The whole time she was fighting sleep, just at about 5-minute intervals, I'd hear a hopeful "Mama?", and then when I finally slipped in to just take her and take her to bed with me I got "Mama!"......
Interesting!  Mine does normally bang her head at night.   I'd never considered not stopping her.  She's slamming her skull into the wall pretty firmly though, from the posts it seems more firmly than other LOs are.   
I don't know how "normal" it is, but my daughter bangs her head against walls quite vigorously if I allow her.  I don't.  I intercept and stop her, and tell her "No no no." but in a very soft, soothing voice;  I'm trying to teach her that we don't slam our head into things, but I'm not scolding because she's not really doing naughty. I was told I did the same thing at her age.  
1/2 - 50 minutes yoga 1/4 - 45 minutes yoga 1/5 - 40 minutes brisk walk 1/7 - 30 minutes yoga 1/8 - 40 minutes yoga 1/10 - 40 minutes brisk walk 1/14 - 40 minutes brisk walk 1/17 - 40 minutes brisk walk 1/18 - 40 minutes brisk walk 1/19 - 50 minutes brisk walk 1/20 - 50 minutes brisk walk 1/21 - 40 minutes brisk walk 1/23 - 60 minutes brisk walk 1/24 - 45 minutes toga 1/25 - 60 minutes walking 1/27 - 30 minutes yoga; 60 minutes walking
I went shopping.  For myself.  All morning, and into the afternoon.
I have two brothers, one is much younger;  I am 13 years his senior.  I was absolutely a surrogate parent, and I still treasure the memories of him slipping into my bed with his lovey at night, before I moved away.  As adults, we don't have the same kind of closeness that I have with my close-in-age brother, but that is a mixed blessing, truly.  We also don't have the same "baggage" as I have with my other brother.    I feel the same as you on many levels with just...
AHA!  She's finally picked up "I'm well." in response to me asking "Hi!  How are you?", so now we can actually go back and forth.  Husband was pretty amazed.  It's adorable.
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