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I completely understand how you feel. My daughter is only 8 months old, and I just found out I'm pregnant again (not planned). I noticed my supply had went down some in the last couple weeks, but didn't know what it was from until yesterday. I planned on nursing my daughter Adelaide until she was around a year and a half, so I'm going to do what I can to try and keep my supply up. I had some supply issues when she was 3 months old, and I started taking Motherlove More...
We're planning on having another unmedicated hospital birth! Different hospital this time though!
My baby girl turned 8 months old yesterday, on the same day mommy got a positive pregnancy test! This was not planned at all, and I spent all day yesterday freaking out. I feel much better today, and am excited now! I recently started working from home, which is such a blessing! I just keep telling myself I'll be able to handle 2 kids under 2 and still get my work done... Let's hope! Looking forward to getting to know you mama's! I'm pretty sure the baby will be due...
Awesome! I hope you like it!
Hello, I'm new to mothering.com! My name is Lesley and I'm a breast feeding, cloth diapering mama to my daughter Adelaide James born on May 13, 2011. I've been married to my husband Chris since July 2009. I work for Cotton Babies, and have been bringing my baby girl to work with me since she was 12 weeks old. It's been becoming more difficult, now that she is mobile and only wants to take naps in her bed, but starting next week I get to start working from home! I'm so...
I use a Large Planet Wise wet bag, and it is plenty big enough to fit 2 days worth of diapers.
OP - The bumGenius 3.0 AIO diapers were discontinued. They were replaced with the bumGenius Freetime AIO one-size Stay-Dry diaper.
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