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I just tried the side/hip carry with the Beco last night at a party, and it was AWESOME.  It's the perfect combination of facing out & in - he can look out and see what's going on, but is still facing me so he can hide his face if he gets overwhelmed, and best of all I can see his little face and interact with him instead of him not being able to see me at all.  I highly recommend it!  Especially for social situations like parties, where other people will want to see &...
Lily - that second photo really does look like Quinn!  So cute!  And if you guys have a playdate I WANT TO COME TOO.  (I will bring Atticus)   The picture of Gwen is hilarious!  I love that our babies are starting to show personalities, beyond just "baby."  She looks like so much fun!   And holy cow, Eulalie & Kenzie are so dang cute!  Such expressive eyes!     Atticus's poops are a little bigger than normal, but not nearly as explosive as I would imagine...
I haven't tried the front-facing Ergo trick, but I remember someone else talking about it (maybe on FB?) and it seemed like there was some success?   This article has some good options listed in the comments - but read with caution, as it may cause you to covet even more carriers than before! http://offbeatfamilies.com/2012/12/baby-wearing-for-preschoolers   I was given an Ergo from a friend, so I'm using that and the Gemini depending on context (Ergo for short...
Aw, Quinn's tummy is so cute!  Love the sleeping shots of Gwen - I think 80% of the photos I have of Atticus are of him asleep.  Nice work on the peeing, Baby Bird!  Such sweet long legs.  And Justmee...5 months old?  Crazy!  He's adorable!   Atticus hasn't pooped in his swim diaper, so I don't know how well it would hold it in.  I too am very skeptical of how it would work!  But he only poops very 9-10 days, so I just keep my fingers crossed.
Nope.  Same reason as Monkey.
Andaluza: I've heard that some people wrap something around the base of the Ergo to make it more narrow, so that the baby can face outward.  That might work for you?  I have a Beco Gemini which is pretty much the same as the Ergo (costs about the same, too, unfortunately) which does allow forward facing.  Atticus loves it.
It happened to me right around the same time (my son is 4mo, and it started about 4 weeks ago).  I had been expecting it to happen right after I gave birth, so it took me by surprise.  By the end of the day, the back of my shirt is covered with hair that stuck to it, and yep, the shower is a mess.  Yikes.  Luckily I have thick, curly hair so I don't think it looks any different.  But it's pretty annoying to pull out of the drain!
My husband is a SAHD for our first baby (4mo), so he's plenty involved!  He's also in charge of daily housecleaning (we do big stuff together on the weekends - he's in charge of tidying, vacuuming, maintenance, etc) and the baby's laundry.  I've been back at work for 4 weeks now, and it's been going pretty well.  He's usually ready for some time away from the baby when I get home, which is when I'm DYING for time with the baby!  So it all works.   ...except for last...
Mine if I join in?  35, with baby #1!  Atticus, born 08/27/12.  I know a few of you already
If I get my act together, I'm going to make Atticus a stocking & first ornament this weekend.  Other than that we aren't getting him anything.  Although I'll rewrap some toys that we got at the shower that he hasn't seen yet.  My husband's cousin sent him some new clothes, and I know my parents are going to give him stuff, so I think he should be just fine.
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