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Look at those cheeks!  And I LOVE the name Eulalie - I used to watch The Music Man on repeat as a kid.
36 weeks and counting...I'm starting to get re-excited about being able to give birth at the birth center.  They haven't said yes, but my blood pressure readings have all been good since I've been home from Colorado, and there hasn't been any protein in my urine, so I'm hoping this is just gestational hypertension and not actually pre-eclampsia like they thought.  I worked from home all week last week, which I think really helped.  Although I am getting BORED hanging...
I'm so glad you've been able to stay so active!  While I'm mostly house-bound, my midwife encouraged me to keep up with yoga.  There's a good restorative yoga class twice a week at the Y, plus my usual pre-natal yoga on Sundays, so I'm planning to still get out 3x/week for that, and maaaybe throw in a few walks with friends depending on how I feel.  It's so hard staying indoors!
Yay!  They look so adorable & healthy!
Yikes - that sucks!  I'm sorry, I have no advice since I've never had a bad toothache, but I know that icy water can sometimes help?  Not sure if that's strong enough for you.
Now that babies are being born, I want to see photos!  
We've slacked a bit on our weekly photos, what with the out-of-state surprise hospitalization and all, but now that I'm home & on bedrest my husband likes to take pictures of me sleeping (and videos of me snoring - THANKS).       35 weeks!
I can't believe one of our babies could be being born right now!  So exciting!   I had my second non-stress test yesterday, and the baby is still sailing through with flying colors.  They put me on blood pressure meds, and my BP was down this morning to 123/89.  And only trace protein in my urine.  I'm working from home now, and am trying to stay calm & happy.  I know I most likely will give birth in the hospital, so I'm just focusing on accepting that and staying...
I'm getting stress-tests twice a week, now, and so far the baby has been absolutely perfect in every one.  They gave me a BP cuff so I can take my BP every day at home, as well as pee sticks that show whether there's protein in my urine.  So far, other than high BP, I've been fine, so I'm staying positive.  Knowing that Kaiser WC has such good reviews certainly helps.  SO glad to have the support of the DDC!
love the imagery - I may have to do the same!
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