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Wow, so much good news, Monkey!  Atticus isn't rolling all the way over yet, but he's easily rolling onto his side now.  It looks really cute.   We started swimming!  And he LOVES it!  We've gone 3 times, and he now gets all happy and starts flailing about as soon as I get his suit on.  In the water he wiggles like a dolphin and kicks, and even does a little crawling with his arms.  We haven't gone under yet, but he's been pretty mellow when he's accidentally gotten...
I think he really liked it!  I planned to hold him vertically and just bounce him up & down to get him used to the water, but he immediately kept pushing his chest forward to get into a horizontal position, and then started kicking his legs and crawling with his arms, with an adorably determined expression on his face.  So I pulled him around with my hands under his armpits as if he was swimming.  He got water in his face a few times but seemed okay with it - one time it...
It's me again, asking for more pictures of the babies.  Please humour me.   Here's Atticus in his swim diaper, getting ready for his first dip in the pool!  He'll be 4 months old next week.  
I'm not sure if it's tendinitis, but my wrists and forearms do feel more achey than usual lately.
Actually...that was supposed to say half a quart.  Or whatever those large mason jars hold.  It was 4am, I was exhausted, and couldn't find any clean bottles to pump into, so I just grabbed a jar!  I didn't want to keep the milk since I wasn't sure how long the jar had been sitting out and didn't trust its cleanliness, so I poured some in the cat dish before dumping the rest.  The cats seemed pretty happy about that turn of events.
Oh LilyTiger, as usual:   I completely agree.  I can never stop thinking about my boobs, and it's exhausting.  I'm finishing up my third week back at work, and the pumping is driving me nuts - it's over an hour out of my day, when I add up the 2-3 times I pump, and it gets me all distracted when I'm already having a hard time focusing on the office.  And when I'm home, if I ask my husband to bottle feed because I'm exhausted, sore, or otherwise just need to take a...
I'm with the rest of you on that article.  I almost laughed out loud at the implication that a swaddled baby won't cry or let you know he needs you.  Right.
Done!  (I would have voted for you anyway, DDC pride or not.)
Lily: have you tried the Superman Swaddle?   Fold a swaddling blanket in a triangle (if you're using one of those A&A muslin blankets, just fold it in half diagonally) Lay Piper on it so that the long corners (the acute angles?  I need to go back to geometry class) are pointing out like wings behind her, with her head hanging over the long side (hypotaneus?) Wrap the long points over her arm, and then under her body, so that her arms are kept alongside her...
  So we all just need to post a TON on this thread, so that she doesn't go back to read the first page!  Congratulations on all of it, VV...so exciting!
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