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Yep...200# is right around the corner for me (I was 192 at my last check-in 2 weeks ago), and all I can think is DO NOT WANT.  I'm 5'8" and have a lot of muscle, so I know it's fine and healthy...but the number!  The number is too big!  I am a horrible feminist.
Quote: That's exactly how I feel.  I understand depression, I fully support medication, I get that it's necessary for some people and isn't a sign of weakness...and yet, when it comes to me I can't give myself the same respect.  It's really frustrating.  I'm on Celexa - I started taking it about year before I got pregnant and it has really helped me.  I've checked with my doctor and midwife and everyone says it's okay to stay on it, so I'm crossing my fingers.  I don't...
I'm also getting REALLY sick of the horror stories when people find out I'm doing the midwife/home/waterbirth thing.  I've been working really hard on visualizing the birth and focusing on it like a marathon - painful, sure, but more about the energy and the work and endurance.  Whenever I tell anyone that, all I hear is how much it's going to hurt and how naive I am to think this way.  Argh.   In thread-related news, I am enormous.
My mom forwarded me a post she saw on FB: "Devon, the August below is a woman. I also heard a woman sales assistant in PetCo called “August” just yesterday. So maybe that’s not such a good choice for a boy?"   I wrote back: "I'm not so sure you should tell a woman you named Devon that her choice of names might be used for either gender."     aaaaand, I'm done telling her about our ideas
My friend is throwing us a shower, and suggested July 14 - I'm due August 26.  A month & a half seems reasonable to me, but I'm not sure of the protocol.  I'm going to be out of town the last 2 weeks of June and the last 2 weeks of July, and we don't want to do it 4th of July weekend, so it looks like the 14th is all we've got.  I've never had or planned a shower before, so I have no idea when we're supposed to do it.
youngspiritmom: Yep, it's an iphone app called Instagram.  You can pick different "lenses" that change the overall colour tone, and different frames to give the picture a more vintage look.  I love it!
23 weeks, and feeling huge...and totally freaked out, since I know he's only getting bigger!  
We've taken to calling the baby "BA Baracus" (Mr. T's character from The A-Team) as its current nickname...only I don't think my husband is kidding.
So awesome about teaching the baby ASL...my brother-in-law is deaf, so my husband speaks ASL - I'm so excited to teach the baby (and learn myself)!   My question: I keep seeing "we have a blog" in your signature, so...where is it? 
LeAnn - I also hit a weirdly blue phase over the past few days.  Not sure what is up, but whenever I sit quietly by myself and pay attention to how I'm feeling, I realize that I'm feeling really sad.  Not about anything in particular, just overall.  Kind of like PMS.  Hoping it's just a weird hormonal shift that will go away soon!
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