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I'm in!
Turns out I have an anterior placenta, which explains the lack of movement I feel.  I felt a few more flutters a few days ago, but otherwise nothing.  He moves a TON in the ultrasounds, though, so I guess I'll just cherish this quiet time
We're having a boy!!!  Found out on Friday.  I surprised my husband (and myself!) by literally bursting into tears in the middle of the ultrasound when I found out.  Woah.  Now we have to get serious about finding a name!   Good luck at your scan today, bootsvalentine!
I started feeling it!    Last night after I went to bed I felt little fluttery butterfly/bubbles all across the top of my uterus!  It was so awesome.  I had a late night performance so I think the baby was feeling a little frisky!
Baby had its second burlesque performance last night...     Ultrasound in 4 hours should tell us the gender of my little dancer!
What's the butterfly stretch?  Sounds intriguing!  I have completely forgotten to do my squats  I better get back on it.   I love walking!  I walk briskly and pick routes with some rolling hills, and it definitely feels like a good workout.  If it sounds good, you should try it out!   I went to a water aerobics class this week at my gym (the Y) and it was awesome!  It was a great workout, and I felt fantastic throughout.  I'm excited to start going more often.
My midwife suggested that I start taking magnesium (I'm taking this one) for my anxiety.  It's not a substitute for meds, of course, but I think it's really helped me.  It's also TOTALLY helped my sleep.  I take it before I go to bed, and on the nights I forget, I toss & turn and sleep very poorly, but the nights when I do take it I sleep very soundly.  And overall I've been feeling a lot happier and more relaxed.   I highly recommend it!
I'm so glad we're all finding the right balance for ourselves re: looking at the scale vs. going with how we feel.  Weight gain is such a loaded issue, and disordered eating so rampant, that there's really no One Solution For Everyone.  It's nice to be in an online community where that's understood!   My weight gain seems to be on track - I still feel like myself, just with a big bump on the front!  I have noticed how freeing it feels to suddenly not be constantly...
We saw our midwife on Saturday, and heard the heartbeat  That baby is SUPER active in there!  Once I start feeling it all the time, I'm sure I'll be missing these days when I don't feel a thing.   I saw my friend who lost one of her twins afterward, and was able to check in with her a bit.  So my anxieties/fears are sedated (for now).  Phew.   How's everyone else doing?  Stress levels evening out at all?
I hit the half-way point yesterday!  And I celebrated by puking (for the first time during pregnancy).  I ate more than I should have (but it was all healthy, I swear!), felt pretty awful, then puked in the car on the way home from the restaurant   That sucked.  But, on Saturday we had a long appointment with our midwife, which I loved, and heard the baby's heartbeat which never stops being exciting!  We have an ultrasound scheduled on Friday - hopefully we'll find out...
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