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Atticus has started rolling onto his side, but that's as far as he gets.  He hit 14 weeks today - just turned 3 months last week.  I think this is normal?  I don't put him on the floor much since he seems to hate it - but I try to play with him on the bed at night to get him more mobile.
I love that photo! Thanks for posting the article, though, Monkey - there's no way we could keep Atticus's hands out of his mouth to make that safe.  I can't wait to watch him see xmas lights for the first time!   I'm also thinking about asking for a little peridot ring (August's birthstone) - my wedding & engagement ring are both really thin and delicate, so a similar peridot ring on the ring finger of my right hand would be sweet.  I looked around on etsy and saw...
I just realized it's December!  The holidays are upon us!   Today I breastfed in the Ergo while in the grocery store.  It was SO handy.  Atticus started to freak out and I could tell he needed to eat, and I was alone in the store with a cart full of stuff so I didn't want to just leave.  I loosened the waist strap so it was around my hips, which lowered Atticus to boob level.  I unhooked the buckle that holds the shoulder straps together across my back so he wasn't...
I'm sorry too, Boots - I think Lyle is amazing & adorable (look at that profile pic!) - I can see why the conversation above would make you feel bad.   Our plan right now is to wait 2 years and then take out the IUD - my husband and I are both crazy fertile (Atticus wasn't the first pregnancy in either of our lives) so I'm not too concerned, although I'll be 37 then and the world likes to remind me how Totally Old that is.
Glad to see I'm not the only first-timer who is already talking about the next one!
Atticus chokes himself all the time by stuffing his fist in his mouth (the weirdest is when he puts one fist in his mouth, then uses the other fist to jam it in further).  He seems totally unfazed by it, but it freaks me out!
That's so funny - we were pregnant almost the exact same length of time!
VV: my mom & her friends had a babysitting co-op when I was little, and they all breastfed each other's kids too.  I think it's sweet!  And we conceived either December 5 or 6 - and isn't Q a day older than Atticus (he was born 08/27)?
They left the hospital last night - her milk came in today, so she's been supplementing with my milk periodically but it looks like everything's on track now.  The baby's doing great!  Since I'm back at work now, she offered to breastfeed Atticus if my husband ever has any trouble getting him to take a bottle in my absence, so our boys can be "Breast Brothers"   Sol: so glad your hospital was better about handling the situation!
Hooray for breast milk!  A good friend of mine had her baby on Thanksgiving - an 11 days past due home birth turned c-section.  As you can imagine from those facts, things already weren't going as planned, and now they won't let her leave the hospital because the baby has lost 8% of his body weight and has really low glucose levels.  The nurses gave him formula after birth, and are still trying to give him more - due to the c-section, her milk hasn't come in yet.  She...
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