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Thanks for the support LilyTiger!  I think a phone reminder is a good idea - I currently have a reminder every 2 hours to eat, which is keeping me on track, so a nightly reminder to squat (is that word starting to sound really weird to anyone else?) will probably work.
My husband keeps asking if we can name the baby Doctor or Senator, just so that teachers will have to yell out "Doctor!  Sit down!" or "Senator, please give your presentation." 
I keep forgetting   However, I've gotten way better at taking my prenatals & other supplements.  Hopefully that will help my sadly neglected pelvic floor?
Just checking in as another person who didn't have any morning sickness.  I just felt hungover - that's the best way I can describe it.  I felt kinda gross in general, just tired and not wanting to eat anything, and a little queasy.  But I haven't puked at all, and my entire first trimester I never even gagged or felt like I was going to vomit.  However, at the beginning of my second trimester I started feeling really nauseous, totally out of the blue.  Gagging every...
That's so cute!  I used to know someone whose son insisted for at least 2 years that his name was Squid, and did the same constant correcting thing.  After awhile everyone really did just call him Squid, even when talking about him in the third person when he wasn't around.
I'm taking Celexa - I was already on it before I got pregnant, and my doctor said it was fine to stay on it, and that she usually prescribes it to others if needed.
I NEED TO GO BACK TO THE GYM!!!  I think it's been a few weeks   I had a busy weekend, though - we had a show on Saturday, which was basically an hour of movement - either dancing or quickly changing costumes.  Then we had a big rehearsal yesterday as well.  I've been walking 1-3 miles almost every day, but I'm slacking on the squats.  So, back to the gym this week.  This thread keeps me motivated!
Thanks!    I wish I could keep dancing, but after Saturday's performance it was pretty clear that I'm losing the endurance/stamina needed - we did our can-can, and I was beat at the end!  It will be fun to be able to tell the baby what we did "together," though!
  18 weeks!   Saturday night was one of my last performances with my burlesque troupe - as you can see, my belly is starting to peek through the costumes!
My MIL sent my husband a list of names - top boy name was Derek, top girl name was Addison Montgomery (full name), and Callie and Arizona were also on the list.  Looks like someone is a Grey's Anatomy fan!
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