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Quote:   YEP.  I love my mom, and I know she did the best she could, but her unregulated depression when I was young really affected me, my social development, and my relationship with her - still, to this day.
Yay!  I'm super excited.  Although feeling movement on a regular basis also sounds so weird.  I mean, pregnancy is awesome, but it's also really weird!  There is an extra human, inside me!  Moving around on its own!  Even though I know how pregnancy works, the reality of it still blows my mind.
I think I might be able to finally join this thread!  I'm at 17w5d, so there hasn't been much, but the past 2 evenings and again this morning I felt a little bubbly feeling in the exact same place - on my left side, near the bottom of my rib cage.  So I think it probably isn't just gas, since they were all very specifically in the same spot each time.  The baby has been SUPER active in both ultrasounds, and my midwife had to chase it for awhile with the doppler to get a...
Quote: I think that's one of the most important things to remember - even if meds aren't the best for the baby, neither is a super depressed mom!  I stopped taking my Celexa for a few days when I found out I was pregnant, since I was worried about it, and then promptly started having a hard time.  My husband asked what was going on, so I told him, thinking he would agree with my decision...nope!  He was so annoyed, and explained that my health comes first - I need to...
Quote: I haven't seen any studies, but I'm very curious about it.  I've always been super worried about PPD, given my medical history.   SO glad you got a doctor you like, boots!    
Ithappened, I'm so sorry things are so overwhelming.  That sounds like a LOT to deal with.  Sometimes when I get anxiety that's based on worrying about a whole bunch of things at once, it can be somewhat soothing to write everything down, in a list/outline format.  Putting everything down on paper makes me feel somewhat more in control.   I'm feeling a lot better - the black cloud has dissapated.  I just told my boss, so I'm feeling super anxious still from the...
I feel the same way - last night I was comparing myself to a sausage, because my skin just feels so tight and everything just feels stuffed inside, and there's just no room for anything!  And then I look at pictures of hugely pregnant women and realize I'm NOWHERE near that.  Yikes.
Awesome - thanks!  My husband is adament about wanting to use cloth diapers.
Good luck, VV - I'm sorry you're feeling so freaked out!  I haven't felt any movement whatsoever so far.  I saw my midwife yesterday and became convinced when she got out the doppler that we wouldn't find anything, but then the heartbeat starting chugging away.  It's so hard to be worried about something that you can't find out the answer to on your own!  I wish I had my own doppler so I could check things out whenever I get anxious, but something tells me I would get a...
Have any of you used cloth diapers while not owning your own washing machine?  We live on the 6th floor of an apartment building, and there are 2 washer/dryers down on the 2nd floor.  I'm trying to figure out if it's feasible for us to use cloth.  Don't you have to rinse out the diaper before throwing it in the washer?  Or no?  I don't want to be down there loading diapers into the washer and have neighbours walk in and be disgusted.  Any tips?
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