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I've been eating Think Thin bars daily - they don't have any sugar, 20g of protein, and they taste really good.  I always have at least 2 in my purse at any given time.  I also eat cottage cheese &/or greek yogurt every day, and have a protein shake in the morning.   I still can't run - even going up a short flight of stairs leaves me totally winded.  But I can go for a half hour on the elliptical, so, who knows!  I think I'm going to give up my half marathon in...
Quote: I'm totally the same way.  This past week (week 9) I've been totally relaxed about its progress, and have instead been all madly in love with my husband and waxing poetic about how happy and lucky I am.  If this is hormones, I certainly hope they last!    
If anyone else's face is seeming extra oily these days, my favourite beauty tip: toilet seat covers work perfectly as blotting paper!  It sounds weird, but it's true.  Next time you're in a public bathroom, grab an extra cover and press it all over your face - it takes all the oil off.  Just make sure to use a new one
I love cherry juice!  I assume you're just drinking it?  I'd definitely be into trying that.
I used the elliptical this morning for a half hour, and felt great!  I'm so excited to have found exercise that works for me, since running has come completely off the table.  I got home at 6:30am and ran into the bedroom and yelled "I CAN EXERCISE!!!"  Luckily my husband was amused to be woken up like that.  Phew.
Oh it's blowing a kiss!  I always thought it was...well, peeing.
LilyTiger: I've been waking up every night sometime between 2:30-4:30, then lying there staring at the ceiling for at least 45 minutes before falling back asleep.  It's REALLY annoying.  I usually wake up at 5:30 or 6:30 (depending on whether I'm going to the gym), so it's so frustrating knowing that I only have an hour or two left before I have to get up for real!
I had a sobbing breakdown last night, too!  Ugh.  I, unfortunately, don't get ANY maternity leave.  Thanks, US Federal Govt (since I work for the feds, state maternity leave laws don't apply to me, and there are no federal maternity leave laws).  I can take FMLA unpaid leave, or I can use my own vacation/sick time.  I'm the only person earning a salary in the home, so unpaid leave is not an option for any amount of time.  I don't take time off very often, so I currently...
The tears seem to have arrived.  Last night I was sobbing about a few reasonably stressful things (worrying about money, lack of maternity leave), and my husband was very sweetly just patting my head and listening, and then I tried to blow my nose and nothing happened - it was completely stopped up - and I just WAILED "I can't even blow my noooossseeee!!!"   woah.
My husband surprised me the other day by expecting me to breastfeed for 3 years.  I definitely plan to breastfeed, but didn't think I'd make it past a year or so, but he felt pretty strongly about it!   As for the diapering thing, I'm not sold on cloth...I know it's good to keep disposables out of the landfills, but cloth diapers use a ton of energy resources too - water and power for washing, plus energy for the delivery services if you use them.  Either way,...
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