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Are any of you using slow-flow nipples?  I'm not sure where to post this, but I need some recommendations.  We've just been using the Medela bottles that came with the pump, but the nipple seems to collapse easily so I'm looking for another option.
Atticus smiles a lot, but I don't think he really knows what he's doing.  It's adorable, though!  It usually happens while he's eating or sleeping - always when his eyes are closed.  Sometimes he chuckles at the same time and it KILLS me!
I actually just got the Paraguard 2 hours ago!  I went in for my 6 week follow-up, and she asked if I wanted to get it now.  So, that's taken care of!  I wasn't excited about the extra cramping and heavier bleeding that comes with the Paraguard, but I am adamently against hormones, so I'm going with it.  I also have very light and easy periods, so if they get a little worse it still won't be too bad.
I'm planning to get the Paraguard IUD, to avoid any hormones.  I HAD been planning to get it about 11 months ago, but I got lazy, forgot to make an appointment...and then got knocked up instead.  Oops!  So now I have Atticus
Is your baby sleeping and/or eating on a particular schedule?  Right now Atticus wakes up every 2-3 hours during the night.  We're cosleeping, and exclusively breastfeeding.  I'm trying to figure out when he should start sleeping in longer chunks.  Do I impose that on him?  Will he adjust on his own?  He's 5 and a half weeks old right now.
  for now, "the baby" and "little muffin"
I am SO excited to start running again!  I've been going on walks every day, but really want to RUN.  I'm waiting to check with my doctor, but hopefully will start training soon - there's a March half marathon that I really want to race.  So, that's my goal for now.   I went for a really brisk, long walk yesterday, and now am having pubic bone pain like I did when I was pregnant - it feels like it's pulling apart a bit.  Anyone else?
me & Atticus, one month old!  
  I don't have any more details...my mom was the one who told me about it.  But she's arriving for a 3 week visit tomorrow, so I'll check!
Glad it's working out, LilyTiger!   Thanks for that link, Boots.  
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