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Congrats Sunshine! Welcome babe!
I am so sorry for all of the breast feeding issues, I have definitely experienced them as well. I also had a big meltdown, Writermama, but mine was day 5. I get tiny little mini meltdowns occasionally as well, probably every other day. I warned DH to keep an eye on me and make sure I don't have PPD, but so far it seems like a very reasonable amount of baby blues.   I know it is not that helpful, but with the BFing issues (I had sensitive and then bloody, cracked...
Congrats Cabbit, Spughy, Scruffy, Bena, Storygirl and Sami!!!   Babytoes- my little one was born at home on 3/11/13 and weighed 8 lbs 8 oz, we named him Grayson
All of these babies are soooooo super sweet and cute, I just want to snuggle them all. I'll go snuggle my own instead. :)
Congrats Writer and welcome Baby Rowan!!
Everyone looks so wonderful, you are all baking such yummy babies!
Thank you all so much. While waiting for the ointment prescription to be filled (it is only just now ready due to the original pharmacy being out of stock!) I decided to do betadine washes. It is improving rapidly! This AM looking way better than last night and even more so improved this afternoon. I am so happy and relieved and confused about how the midwife reacted. Thank you for all of the positive healing energy and prayers! It is really truly remarkable how nice and...
Baby Grayson is one week today and we love him so much. Unfortunately we are having a hard time and the latest problem is his umbilical cord stump is infected. First line of defense is a topical antibiotic and anti fungal ointment. If that doesn't help soon or it looks worse tomorrow then my midwives are referring me to our pediatrician. I was going to have him see our family doctor but suddenly I am thinking I need to find a pediatrician who might have more experience in...
Absolutely beautiful
Are you going to be able to see someone today micahmae?
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