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Hi Friends! I am popping in for the first time in a few months, and I must apologize for my unintended absence.  Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and well wishes.  These boys make it all totally worth it and I cry every single day because I can't believe they are mine.  It is as great as we all think it is.  I still have a ton of reading to catch up on, so I will try to do some personals later.  Toothfairy has been sweet enough to give me some updates during our...
TF - Such great news!  And embrace those symptoms.  I hate being hungry and not wanting anything to eat!  Hopefully you'll get some cravings soon.  I just sent DH out in this cold to get me a club sandwich.  Also, I share indie's question, how would it be in your tube with IVF?  Doesn't seem possible.  Can't wait for your ultrasound.   Jpack - so sorry you are having to go through this   bebe - yay for 19 weeks and a good US!   indie and everyone else -...
Yay Jpack and TF!!!!!! Indie, sending you good vibes for tomorrow!!
I'm here reading everything hoping and praying for all of you.  I just don't know what to say with the turn of bad news.  I'm so sorry!
TF - I am crying I am so happy!!!!!  It has finally happened! You got that second line! You are PREGNANT.  Now it is time for the 9 month wait!!!  How many more POAS will you do before Tuesday? hehe      
TF - I am so excited for tomorrow morning!! Hope you are able to sleep.
SKJ - I had a similar experience when I was taking the endometrium.  Not sure if I pushed the applicator up too high or what, but it turned out okay.   TF - How are you today?  I say TEST on the 13th! I am not good at being patient.     Chuord - what a journey for you.  Very glad you are doing better   Indie - Glad AF held off!   MsD - when do you test?
Dang - I missed a day!  Yes yes!! That is a good sign, and I did not see any spotting until like 2 weeks later, so don't worry if you don't have any yet!  YAaaay!!!!
TF - Isn't that the most amazing thing you have ever seen?!  You just watched your baby fly across your uterus and have a picture of it.  Rest up while that babe nestles in.
TF - I will be thinking about you tomorrow!! And then another LONG wait begins!
New Posts  All Forums: