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Merry Christmas!!! TF- good luck tomorrow!!! Can't wait for your Xmas update!!!   Hope you all have a great day with your families!  I'll be doing movies and Chinese food 
Indie - I am SO happy about your RE experience.  FINALLY.  I think you have valid concerns about wanting to do IVF, I also think it would be great for IUI to work, I agree to talk it through with her.  In the end, the choice is really your's, so go with your gut.     hi to everyone else!!!
TF - YAY!!! I was so exact my first ivf cycle and quickly learned over a holiday weekend that some people just didn't show up and would come in the next day.  I think, especially at the beginning, it is not that big of a deal and has more to do with them getting the patient numbers right (instead of having 10 people there xmas day and then 150 there the day after).  AND, I might add my retrieval both times would have happened 2-4 days later than their prediction....
TF - I am so excited for this cycle!!! I feel like we have been waiting FOREVER. Do you have any timing predictions yet?   Jpack - I love big trees.  Do you do colored or white lights?   Sila - I didn't ovulate ONCE for an entire year while TTC.  I wasn't charting, and was forcing dh to BD like every other day.  Hopefully you'll get an O soon, but I totally am on board for injectables if that would help!   Shell - You don't have to apologize.  I cried when I...
Shell - I'm so sorry.  We are here for you.  I'll pray for a miracle with the one they are watching.  I can't believe this is happening.
SKJ - I am so so sorry.  
SKJ - try not to be nervous.  My nurse said the time of day they call has nothing to do with the news.  Please let us know as soon as you hear!
Shell - Good morning!! I woke up thinking about you and your 3 eggs!  Triplets here we come!    
Shell - Yay for 3!! Get some rest and keep us posted.  One of my friends only got 1 egg and now she's pregnant! Keep us posted.
SKJ - So happy and excited for you!!   Shelly - Thinking about you!  I hope you can get some rest tonight and that you have a VERY successful retrieval tomorrow!  Send positive vibes to those perfect eggs! So exciting!!   Hi to everyone else!
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