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TF & Indie - let's all have twins yay! We can start a new thread - Not so scenic route of mothering multiples! :)   I don't think switching to another dr. in the practice would be awkward.  I think if he doesn't care enough to call you back, he is not going to care so much for you to have a different RE.  At my place, you just got the dr who was walking past your room for the daily check ups, so I only really needed my RE when I had questions and she was so good...
Shelly - just read about your gramma.  So sad. Our thoughts will be with your family.
Indie - Can you switch to a more responsive dr. or nurse in that practice?  I hate when they don't respond!  Ick   Shelly you crack me up.  
TF - So exciting.  My questions.  Are you trying to only get 2 eggs?  Or are you going for as many as possible?  Also, is it an option to freeze unfertilized eggs?  Would you be open to donating fertilized ones?  Would endo affect your egg quality?  I think because of your age and healthy lifestyle that you will have some gorgeous eggs (and a strong likelihood that just one will stick!)   Bebe - Your numbers are great! I am sure you'll get a double.   Greenmum -...
Bebe - Fantastic numbers! Now you can have a calm and uneventful pregnancy :) Any symptoms yet?     TF - get it done, girl! I know what you mean about picturing your birth experience a certain way.  I am trying to come to terms with the fact my Obgyn is going to want to do a C-section with twins.  In the end, I just want healthy babies!   Indie - Will you know what your ivf protocol is prior to Dec?   I can't believe it is only Tuesday! I am going to bed.
Greenmum!! What?!?! Send us a picture of that BFP.  Congrats to you!!!  Let's keep them coming!  
Peanut and Dino!!    
BEBE - I freaking love Janie and Jack, I wish you lived closer we could go together. Maybe I'll go later today and buy some stuff :) 
Hi everyone!  So many exciting things going on!   TF & Indie - So many exciting things to look forward to!    Chrissy - Good luck this month!     Bebe - still so excited for you! I think your beta number is just fine and Monday will get here soon!    AFM - More ultrasounds yesterday.  Baby A looks like Mr. Peanut and Baby B looks like a dinosaur...  I was released from the RE and told to stop taking the endometrim.  Today was the most anxious I have felt...
Bebe - I have had that kind of spotting off and on for the past 6 weeks.  I think sometimes it was caused by my aggressive shoving of the endomentrim in and also implantation and who knows what else.  I also saw some light pink a couple of times.  I googled it a ton, and it seems to be pretty common and I am trying to just think positive and not worry.     DH was the same way with my bfp.  He'll get there, but it might not happen until he hears the heartbeats or sees...
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