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Haha, I feel like I got Quinn a lot now.  We didn't do any clothes, because we just pick those up at thrift stores as she needs them.     Our final gift list for Quinn includes:   -The Night Before Christmas board book (25 cents at the thrift store - score!) -three pairs Baby Legs  -cloth sorting/stacking/counting farm -wooden Skwish toy -kick and play piano -wrist and foot rattles -personalized first Christmas ornament -appliqued ASL "I love you"...
That is a good idea. I've also started using the Ergo more around the house. We did dishes in it the other day.
Atticus is so cute and looks so excited!  I wish we could introduce all of our babies. I can't wait to take Quinn swimming, although, there is really nothing stopping me...   Quinn is a lot more smiley now, she laughs and coos when engaged, and is getting more into talking, but she is still my serious girl diligently trying to figure out the entire world on her own time.      
My midwife had another birth overnight before I came in the following morning.  She was clearly tired, but I felt she was sort of pushing for things to progress more quickly, not that they progressed slowly, my daughter was born ~3.5 hours after I got there.  My labor, as is completely normal, slowed down when we left my house to go to the birth center, but my midwife questioned my sister, sort of like, this is all she is laboring, as though we came in too early...I was...
Anyone else experiencing tendinitis in their wrists?  I've never had a problem with it before and now it is flaring up. I didn't know if it was from carrying Q around or what?
My mother did ornaments for us each year and then gave them to us when we moved out.  Unfortunately, she gave me mine when I was still rather transient, and I lost them all.  :(  I'm planning on doing an ornament each year for Quinn and also for B.  I should clue him into this as well.  I will wait until Quinn settles down to give her all of her ornaments.
I don't have a lot of months to contribute, my LO is only 3 months...but 3 months!
Eulalie's schedule is very, very similar to Quinn's. Lily, I agree with Sol's and Chanti's sentiment, you know what works best for your child. Heck, it seems like the advice changes every ten years anyways. :/
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Hey everyone, I entered the Annual Mothering Handmade Gifts Ideas contest. I am post #7, for applique shirts. If you like the craft projects, I'd appreciate if you could give me an up vote!  Thanks!
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