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We're going to B's parents for Christmas, but next year I really want to do a tree, we decided against it this year.  The Christmas spirit sort of happened here by other people. My grandmother gave me a ceramic Christmas tree lamp with colored bulbs, my mother gave me a Goebel nativity that she won in a church auction when I was a kid, and she also gave me a box of Christmas lights I bought last year to decorate her house. So things are a bit festive around...
What is everyone doing for their LO for the holidays? Do you celebrate? What traditions do you have or are you planning on starting?  Anyone doing Santa pictures?
A sewing machine, a bicycle, and a lemon zester.  I think DH is getting me the sewing machine and the lemon zester.  I don't want to ask about the bicycle yet for two reasons (1) Q is too young to take on a bicycle and (2) I need to use my jogging stroller we just got before I ask for something else outdoorsy.
Happy BFP Anniversary! I'm excited about coming up on our conception date (either 12/5 or 12/6, not sure which).  I can't remember what day I found out, but it was relatively early, the day I should have gotten my period I knew, since it was like clockwork, and I had thrown up at the boot camp classes just prior to that.   Quinn is getting better about tummy time too, as long as I put toys near her.    We're actually planning on having the wedding next year,...
I also did my second clear out, first was NB, a lot of which she never wore, and now we had to pull out 0-3 month.    In the past I've nursed in the Ergo, but like Penny and CC said, it is kind of an uncomfortable position for Quinn to eat in, so she doesn't really do it for long.  I'm NIPing a lot more now, and I know some people have not liked the Udder Cover,  but I love mine.  Two of the mom's from my birth class group also got them, one of them after she used...
So sorry, Momma. *hugs* I'm sure she will get better at reading Piper's cues.  I know it is going to be so hard when it is time to go back to work.  I had a cry about going back when I went in to meet with the head hunter about finding a position.  I've been told it gets easier.  
Wouldn't it be fun if some of us ended up in a DDC together again. Hopefully we'll still have this thread going when the next round of babies starts coming. (She says three months out)
So funny, Boots, I heard that little gift adage for the first time right before you posted it when I was asking my sister about how they did Christmas gifts. I really like it. Lily, I agree about Tday versus Xmas. I also like the charm idea. I want a little Q charm, but B and I agreed we'd do each others stockings with all surprise gifts, so I don't want to tell him. Especially since I already asked him to put a zester in there. :/
Boots, so sorry. I agree with you. I wouldn't feel any differently about Quinn no matter how she was. My comment comes more from being shocked with how easy going she is about things. I think sometimes she just doesn't communicate if she would like or meeds more attention. In all honesty, any concern I have about having a second is about being able to split my attention.
Good to know, Monkey. That picture is so cute.  I wonder if the LED lights also have high amounts of lead. I know when I was a kid I was all up in the Christmas lights, I LOVE Christmas lights.
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