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DP isn't a huge fan of Elinor either, but it is my great grandmother's name, so he is accepting of it. I don't think I could get him on board for Elinor as a first name, however. Plus, my mom doesn't like Elinor b/c her mother's name was Eleanor (which spelling I actually prefer) but she was a mean and nasty woman, so she probably wouldn't like Elinor as a first name either.
I need advice.  I really like the name Autumn for a girl, and I'd like to use the middle name Elinor after my great grandmother.  My sister says that when you say "Autumn Elinor" she hears "melon" in the middle of the name.  Do you guys get that?  We have a niece whose name is Zoe Claire and while they are both beautiful names, we all immediately heard "eclaire" when you said her name, so I am a little concerned about it.
I can't speak to the nursing aspect of the leachco pillow, but it does advertise use as a nursing pillow (it is rather large though) and you can set it up as a sort of recliner, by flipping it upside down and crossing the open ends on top of each other, and I have found this to be comfortable for reading.  Laying right side up, I felt like it wasn't good for reading because I was sort of enveloped inside the pillow.  
keuriweo, I'm having the same issue. I was brushing the other day and felt like I was spitting straight blood, it was awful. That was the first time it happened like that, and it was sort of scary. But I talked to my sister about it and she said it was normal.  I need to reschedule my cleaning because I originally cancelled my appointment due to severe m/s.  My poor teeth, between m/s and increased blood flow/bleeding gums.  I hope I make it through this relatively...
I felt a twisting or fluttering and I'm pretty sure it was the baby.  I know it was not gas.  
Ainh, I hope you feel better.   NewMumJoy, that stinks about all the uncertainty.  Hope you get everything figured out.    My 18 week scan is 3/22, Aimee
Congrats to Feral and Andaluza....how exciting to find out the gender, although, Feral, you've been pretty sure from the start if I remember correctly.  I can't believe people in our group are already finding out the gender. Exciting times!
That has been us too, sadly.  I really want to discuss names with him but he just won't really give his opinion other than to definitively shoot some down.  I have got him to 'ok' some names, but that doesn't mean he likes them, just that he wouldn't shoot it down immediately.  My mind changes so frequently as well, I want to be sure I have the perfect name for this baby.     I really like Louisa Tilly, and I love Lulu as a nn.     Lakeruby, I've always loved the name...
Sorry to all the ladies that are/have suffered from depression.     I blame my exhaustion (I feel for all the ladies still struggling with this), exacerbated by my long hours for me not keeping up with the forum as much as I'd like to.  I've been reading along, but that is about all I have energy for.  I always make notes in my head in order to reply to everyone, and then when I start typing I forget everything.  Does preggo brain last the whole pregnancy?   DP...
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