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Mmm, cottage cheese...I just ate a huge bowl of it.  Anyone else sick of eating?  I've had to eat so often to keep my m/s at bay...I just started crying this morning b/c I didn't want to eat anything, but knew I needed to.  
This list will be helpful. I've been absolutely turned off by meat, except occasionally fish, so I've been trying to get my protein other ways. 
No decisions, just mulling over options
Sending good thoughts your way
I've literally been floored by morning sickness and fatigue, but I try to dance around every single day so I at least get some activity (I'm a horrible dancer, but it seems to super amuse DP).  I keep having dreams about swimming (my absolute FAVORITE exercise, I love to zone out for an hour or so doing laps) and I wake up and I'm so sad it is cold and the lap pools are closed.  Since I live in Florida, there aren't really many indoor pools, and I CAN'T WAIT to find one...
Intime, beautiful picture.  I also love, love, love your shirt also.    Andaluza, my twin and I do seem to have the same symptoms (i.e. horrible m/s, already super sensitive noses, made worse by pregnancy/smell aversions), so I expect to carry much like she did with her first baby.   Although she had hypermesis (sp?) and actually ended up losing 13lbs in the first trimester, and had m/s throughout her entire first pregnancy...so I'm hoping that won't be the case for...
There is some really good advice here about possible options to keep the babe at home and the realities of doing this.  Moremadder/Lizbiz, that is a good idea about paying someone to come help out. IntuitiveJamie, your situation is impressive, how wonderful to have that level of support. Unfortunately, is it absolutely certain that DP's job requirements are going to be extensive, including long hours during busy seasons and travelling. Somethinganon, that is the advice...
Hi, Thursday!  This is my twin sister, Thursday Girl, everyone.  She's my own personal natural mothering guru who has studied to become a birth doula and is now possibly considering (once her new kiddo gets older) becoming a midwife.  She likes to check in on how I'm doing here on Mothering, she introduced me to it.     
156 at 7w3d  11+30 = 41 (age when the baby is born, or conceived, if conceived, a girl, if when born, a boy)
SomethingAnon, I hope you don't feeI too awful.    I feel you all on the chocolate milk and white bagels, although I burnt myself out on them.  Neither are things I would normally eat.     I was at work today and DP emailed me about going for Vietnamese, it made my stomach turn. Blech.  But then I got a huge craving for Ethiopian....omgoodness, sooooo good.  We went and got the vegetarian platter immediately after work and it hit the spot.  Yum!  
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