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SomethingAnon, I hope you don't feeI too awful.    I feel you all on the chocolate milk and white bagels, although I burnt myself out on them.  Neither are things I would normally eat.     I was at work today and DP emailed me about going for Vietnamese, it made my stomach turn. Blech.  But then I got a huge craving for Ethiopian....omgoodness, sooooo good.  We went and got the vegetarian platter immediately after work and it hit the spot.  Yum!  
B and I have talked about parenting styles and we are mostly on the same page, and where we aren't he is super supportive of what I'd like to do. BF'ing is definitely in. I told him I planned on cloth diapering, and he wasn't as sure about that, but is okay with it, I think some of his concern is because he currently does all the laundry, and I fold it, and he is a bit hesitant about the poopy diapers. He is also fine with baby-wearing, minimal "baby stuff", and...
Good luck at your lunch, Thebyr. Hope it goes well!   B and I went to our first appointment and heard the heartbeat.  156 bpm at 7w3d!  My little amorphous blob.  I measured exactly with my due date, well, 1 day off, so I guess the due date is now August 29th. Plus they gave me a prescription for a prenatal that will hopefully be a bit easier on my sensitive stomach.  
Awe, cute bellies!  I'm still 7 weeks and I guess I can tell a little bit...my pants are tighter, but no real pop yet.     Here is a picture of me at 7 weeks (left) and my twin sister at 16 weeks with her last and me not pregnant (right), for comparison:   We actually have comparison belly pictures for each of her 3 prior pregnancies (I think, I know the last two for sure), I'll have to find the other ones....so I'm really excited to get one with her when we...
Thanks for the advice!
  Eluethia, sorry you missed the heartbeat :[   Boots I'm glad your appointment went well.  Ovary problems can be scary, I've had some issues over the years and it is definitely disconcerting.   Andaluza, I feel you, sometimes I just have to stop eating in the middle of things and just know I'm done.
So after some discussions with my DP, human resources, and some of my mother friends, it was officially decided that when DP and I move, I will begin working from home.  I was wondering what everyone else thinks about the benefits and challenges of working from home with little ones.  One of the biggest incentives for us was that we didn't want to put a 3 month old in childcare.  Especially considering that next January, we'd be expected to work late and travel often, so...
 autocorrect   All of my work pants are too tight.  To be fair, I've been rocking the same pants since my early 20's, and while I've managed to mostly stay in shape, I'm pushing 30, so they were already mostly on the tightish side.  They only ever fit me really well once a year when I'm training for a big race or swimming a lot over the summer.  So I'm already unbuttoning my pants.  I don't know if I should just buy pants the next size up, or get maternity clothes.  Maybe...
Peanut butter and fried egg sandwich on toast.  My mom started eating these when I was little because she needed extra protein and we all started eating them too, soooo tasty.  I like to add lemon pepper to my egg for a little lemony kick.  Intime, I feel you on some cereals being too sweet.  I have to eat around the raisins in my Raisin Bran.  Next time I'll just buy bran cereal.  Also, apples are hard to eat because they are so sweet. 
Yay, good news!  I so want to be able to hear it.  Just a couple more days!
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