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:)   I can sympathize with you all!
Sortacruncy- I know! The grass is always greener I guess. My issue is fatigue and pain through my hips. The boys insist on being stacked horizontally between my hips even though my uterus is supposed to be past my belly button by now! No music seems to coerce them to move
hey, can tag in?  I'm looking at that rental site someone posted in the multiple pregnancy thread.   When did your twins hit the 12 pound mark?  The site offers this for about $215 total for the first 4 months, if my math is right:   so my question is, will I be renting this packet for 3 months or 4 months? is 4 months stretching it?
Hi everyone!     Sorry for the long absence!  Since my name was stil on the welcome board I figured I'd give an update.  I've been exausted and not willing to turn the laptop on when i get home.  I pretty much sit on the couch and drink water until bedtime.   But - Didn't want anyone to worry!  I had to repeat my level two ultrasound, but everything looks great!  We're having two di-di boys, still due March 18,2013, although the Dr. says they will be delivered...
Hey there!   My laptop took a nose dive out of my hand 3+ inches from the floor and now the monitor/video card is not working. ARGH.  But still moving along @13 weeks and everything looks great! Hopefully I'll be back online soon.
gozal  -  Sorry! I fell off the internet for a while because of migranes.   Unfortunately, for the GD testing, I meet pretty-much all of the criteria.  Grandparents have type two, my BMI is sky-high, although I lost 5 pounds (temporary) So honestly, I would be shocked if it didnt happen to me.  I'm nervous by nature so I'd rather know.  Hope all is well, happy to see you here! I was on the TTC one thread for a while.  I'm a terrible lurker!   Hope everyone is well...
My BMI is pretty high, and it's a teaching hospital, so I'm not surprised to be a guinnea pig for a new model of Obesity Pregnancy.  I'm ok with it, it's only the hour test.
A crib is a decent size bigger than the co-sleeper.  I think that could work!  I'm only buying one crib for now. i'm interested in hearing what others have been doing.
That's so great that your OB is willing to be so great about everything!  One nurse (not a MW) was just like your MW, but I won't be seeing her too much. My doctor seems calm and upbeat, and doesn't make a drama out of everything.   They are having me do the gestational diabetes test at week 12 and I'm seeing a nutritionist, but that's about it for now. I'll learn more on sept 14th
Hi all!   I'm new to the thread, but I'm glad to know about it!  I'm about 10 weeks, probably a little behind that due to late ovulation, but so far they haven't adjusted my date. Due March 18,2013. To my untrained eye they seem to be di/di but the ultrasound was blurry, so I'm not sure if the placenta was fully formed yet, separated or fused.   I will be cloth diapering and breast feeding - not sure about co-sleeping for the long term but they will be in a...
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