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I sent it back - I bought through Allergy Buyers Club and they have a no questions asked return policy.   I need to do some more research and decide on that one again or another. 
Oh goodness so glad to hear this because we are going through the same thing.  Painted Aura benjamin moore Low VOC 4 weeks ago and we still have residual smell in the room when we close it up.  I am loosing my mind.  We are going to give it another two weeks of fans blowing out and then I am going to get some transitional primer to AFM safecoat to cover this stinky paint and hopefully mitigate the issue.     Thankfully I had a air quality guy come yesterday to test the...
Thanks so much!  I will continue to do that as soon as the terribly cold temperatures lift - I will go back to airing out.  Once I am in the house I can't smell it at all. It is just that initial step in the house.  My friend said it smell like clean - not like chemicals.  Let's hope.  
So I moved to our new house which had new carpet put in about 2.5 months ago or so.  When we first saw the house now about 2 mo ago I could def. smell the carpet.   Now for the most part the carpet smell is gone but every blue moon I get a very FAINT smell of it when I enter the house.  It honestly seems to be only our room downstairs which has a different carpet.  It is not overwhelming at all and in fact most people dont even smell it.  I do have a crazy strong sense of...
I am doing a lot better - still not healed but I was able to sleep and I am not in constant pain.  Now just eating super healthy and trying to keep things running smoothly so things heal up.  I will try the garlic although its scares me a bit!  Ha!  Does it come out?  The last thing I need is a chunk of garlic stuck in there that I have to push out.  Maybe a chucnk instead of a full clove?
Went to a color rectal especialist today and after the most horrible exam that was worse than natural labor I was told I was impacted and had a tear :(   I was given a cortisoid/numbing medecine and also Magnesium Citrate and thankfully I am starting to have BMs.  They are uncomfortable but not as bad as I expected.  I am glad I went although the exam about did me in - I cried all the way home and cried on the table :(    
I just finished the cereal with a little bit of raw milk.  I am thinking part of what got me here is not eating enough due to a lot of stress that has been going on.  So I am going to try and increase volume of what I eat and eat very clean as well.  I gave myself an enema - and that was all sorts of fun.  It still hurt but I did get some stuff out so that was good but I feel like the internal hemmorrhoids are so inflamed that it still feels like I have to go.  It is even...
Literally considering an enema out of sheer desperation.  I chugged metamucil -more colace - some vein leg vitamins that I read somewhere helped someone with hemorrhoids -vitamin b6 - probiotics - green juice - prunes.  I had a strong craving for thai soup so I had that too. Anyway I am stressing about my BM so bad that I think I am going to make it worse!  UGH.   Anyway - if I can't go tomorrow I guess enema will be.  It is awfulness to poop and have the feeling of...
I will be buying some dill pickles then!
Thanks so much ladies - it is so miserable.  It is hard to balance then need to go with the need to not strain.  I know that colace takes a bit to fully kick in so hopefully today is not as hard of a struggle.  I hate these things! 
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