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I concieved through Procrea...a baby girl....did you too? I have gotten no hits of donor sibling registry :(( email me forfb@yahoo.com
Looking for my daughter's siblings through donor inseminations 2009-2010 procrea clinic in Montreal. Anyone?
Hi, I also would like to find siblings for my daughter who was through donor insemination in 2010...through procrea clinic...can you help me with info how to find a sibling?
Hi you from Montreal...my daughter was conceived from Procrea 2010. Email me if interested in knowing if our children could be half siblings? lucyy707@hotmail.com
Hi...I was inseminated at Procrea Jan 2010
HI...did you ger the inseminations through procrea?
Did you get it done through procrea?
How did you get matches on the sibling donor site...I went there and there shows only one registry on there from procrea...and the girls name is alazia.
Hi, I went through procrea clinic and had my baby girl 2010 october...I am looking for half sisters and brothers so she will have a peice of her other identity when she gets older...I have the characteristics of the donor and then some.
Hi, I had a baby girl Oct 3 2010 conceived through procrea clinic by a donor. Did you have it done in Montreal too?
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