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this amuses me as well...I also, dont have a competitive bone in me :/
Japie is my girl who has head injury. So yes! sleeping next to walls in very important to her. She was mistreated for a large portion of her life and does indeed value being inside and with me :) Thank you! i will be sure to make her bed where you said, I hope it helps her out large amounts :) She sleeps on a van bench by the left wall right now at my parents :)    
OKay, I will try this (I have never had anything to do with psychics before sooo) I will give you three questions I guess, you can pick one or all three :) Pet: My first dog Secret was a disabled dog, anything about her? (deceased) My two older dogs Solei and Japei are coming to live with me this week for the first time since I moved out, is there anything that will help them feel more at ease at this transition late in life? Me: I am currently trying to conceve...
My husband and I hope to adopt internationally someday, ideally a sibling group. My brother in law (husbands brother) upon hearing this looked me in the eye, dead serious and said "Well. Just make sure you get a girl from China so everyone KNOWS you adopted her" There are no words, two years after this incedent that even come to my mind as a response. I am STILL speechless...
My dad has smoked my entire life. I have never even had contact with a Cigarette. I learned what would and could happen and I made the choice for myself.
Back track: I was diagnosed with Childhood Bi-Polar That was revoked at age 21 and I was removed from all meds and have since then on ever re eval passed with flying colors or normal (whatever that means). So that means since age 5-21 I have been on LOADS of medications.( I think that might be an important part here) At age 20 I was on a medication called Zyprexa for a year. i went off when in a yesr I gained 80lbs from it. Since then, I vomit IMEDIATLY after eating...
Born straight laced, Now a hippy
TRUE - I want number 1! TPBM - is under age 30
*pounce* I belong here! I want dreads some day! but my hair is not long enough yet. *GROW GROW GROW*
 Right! I dated those rebel types in highschool. My sister met this kid and told me I would marry him. A silent VERY geeky kind. I met him the first time and informed her she was VERY WRONG.,. annnnd four years later here him and I are :)    
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