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They wont replace unless it's the original owner and my mother just got it used from a friend, unfortunately.
I see! I honestly didn't know that because like I said I don't use enamel.  Thanks for letting me know.
b/c I don't use enamel--what is the worry with consuming it? I assume it's potentially poisonous, but what is in it that would make you sick? It kinda freaks me out to pay that much money for something that has the possibility of becoming poisonous to me. I think I'll just stick with regular old boring (and reliable!) cast iron ;)   That's said, I will relay all of this info to her. Thanks so much mamas!
She said it's on the rim where food wouldn't b cooking. It could come in contact with it theoretically if food splashed there, but it wouldn't be stewing or frying on that spot.   I haven't seen it so I'm just describing it as she told me over the phone.
I don't use enamel myself, but my mother has a le creuset pot that has cracked enamel and wanted to know if it was safe to use. I didn't know what to tell her so I told her I would ask you all :)   Thanks!!
So sorry! We didn't get out son's SSN til he was over two b/c we waited til he was nearly a yr to file and then the SS office lost it!!
I can't pretend to say I have personal experience with this, but I will say that diabetes is generally considered high-risk by most care-providers for a reason.   I'm not all against UC, either. I've had one and I have a few health problems myself, but nothing I wasn't sure I could control reasonably well. (well as much as you can be sure of anything). Is this something you feel you could have reasonable control over without the assistance of a midwife or...
I'm a doula and though I would never announce it to my clientel--I have been there for an UC before. It was a friend who I knew could do it by herself, just just wanted a doula--someone to tell her she was doing a great job and help clean up afterwards.   I have all of my clients sign an agreement that expressly reads that I am NOT a stand in for a midwife, OB or emergency care. etc etc etc. I discuss this with my clients right off the bat.   Still, most people I...
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