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I can't believe the doc automatically said to circumcise, especially a urologist.  There is a cream that can be put on to pull the foreskin back.  If they try to throw out a circ again and you feel that you need to do something ask for the steroid cream. Trust your instincts!
I've had a lot of pain while breastfeeding from mastitis and milk blisters, but no blood from that. I think that blood can come out with mastitis though. I'm just trying to brainstorm. I really don't know what could be going on. Maybe a possible infection? Which is basically what mastitis is.  Did the scab heal completely, or could it be coming open while he nurses maybe?
DS started to go to bed earlier around 3 months.  It was a gradual change though. I would spend a few days getting him to bed about 15 minutes earlier than he had been (so if he went to bed at 11 I would spend a few days getting him to bed at 10:45).  Sometimes it would be 30 minutes earlier.  Enjoy him sleeping so well! Mine did that till about 3 or 4 months and he is a year now and still wakes up frequently throughout the night.
...Suck!! I get them every so often and they hurt soooo bad!  I was able to pop this one and drain it thankfully because it was super painful. Usually they turn into mastitis no matter how sterile I try to keep it, so I have been taking my natural cure for it double time. Well it ended up scabbing which has made it hurt even worse...and tonight DS pulled off my nipple really fast :O   I think only a breastfeeding mother can understand that pain!  It bled a little but...
I'm wondering if you try to change your diet. I don't really know if that will help, especially if you already eat really healthy.  I know when I'm on my period I crave lots of sweets.  Not really sure if this will help, just thought I'd throw it out there.  Hope you find some answers. :)
That's good to hear!  =)
Good to here! It's a steroid cream, and yes it's to make the foreskin retract.  We are supposed to stop using it once we can see the tip of the penis.  I sort of feel like it will just cause an infection if it can retract that far because sometimes he can have some pretty messy poo diapers.
This is a late reply.  I hope it is all better now.  I had a milk blister that gave me a lot of trouble for a few weeks. I was able to keep the milk flowing but it eventually became sealed to the point that I was no longer able to open it by hand or with a needle and it became so full and firm,.  It ended up turning into mastitis (which I have had many times :/ so when I read the part about them poking you I couldn't help but cringe :O ).  I usually am able to clear mine...
That's what I was thinking. I haven't called back yet, so I'll just wait it out.  It's nice to hear that your son does the same thing and has been fine.  It was the nurse at the urologist office that prescribed the steroid cream.   That's exactly how I felt too...that I was going with my mama instincts!  And you just can't beat mama instincts!  Thanks for the post...it made me feel much better about my choice!
Sue, we are supposed to call and schedule an appt in a couple months so the nurse can take another look and make sure the ointment worked.  Believe me, if they didn't call me to schedule an appt I wouldn't worry about it!  It just makes me worried if they will do anything since she mentioned she is concerned he could get an infection.  So now I just have to figure out what I am going to say when I eventually call back. :/  Ugg!!
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